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Is there anyway to make my hair ticker... I am fed up of always styling it in the morning and half the time I dont even know if it looks good. When I go swimming, take a shower, play sports or almost about anything my hair gets all messed and ugly. I always put gel in it or else it looks awfull and even sometimes when there's gel in it it still looks bad. I usually spend 30 minutes everyday fixing it up. I have super thin hair. Is there a way to make it ticker or at least make it look better.
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What is your current hairstyle?

FYI, dietary changes might actually thicken your hair.
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Shorter hair looks fuller.
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A number of shampoos, claim to do this . . . one is L'Oreal Vive. Baldness runs big time, in my father's family. I think one of the reasons I've kept the hair that's on my head, is because for the last twenty years or so, I've massaged my scalp vigorously, every night. This DOES, make a difference. Also, try using one of those scalp massagers, when you shampoo. They invigorate your scalp. A strong vitamin, may do some good, as well. I'd skip the gels, etc. They probably make your hair look thinner.

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