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driving to dc. need a tour counsel

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well a shopping tour, that is.

I'm going to fairfax next week and since I'm in the area what the hell why not check out what it's like in DC??

I read up on all the posts about dc/gt shopping area, however, not having previously visited there, I can't draw myself an effective driving map of one day's worth of shopping.

So can someone design a schedule for me??

Start with fairfax va, then for example, go to x, check out x1, x2, x3 while there, then drive to y, check out y1, y2, and so on.

Any helpful input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks !
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Start from Fairfax, get on 66 towards DC, get off on 7 at exit 69 - head towards Tysons Corner. Go to Tysons II.. you'll have to google this. Leave there, go to Mazza Gallerie or Georgetown for central shopping locations. Conveniently, Wisconsin Ave NW in DC hits both of these locations, as well as passes by Sky Valet. Outside of the mall-types, you have a ton of places to hit.. Sky Valet is near Georgetown, Denim Bar is out of your way, in Arlington, Dupont Circle.. Potomic Mills (if you want to outlet shop, I've never been too lucky here). That's where I'd go.
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Be sure and look into the Filene's Basement in the DC metro area.
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Yep, I either visit the one on Conn. Ave (Dupont) or the one in Mazza. Not a whole lot of luck in the one in Mazza.. though I went one time and they had loads of Borrelli and the like, though prices weren't great.
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If you're in the Georgetown area, then check out Sherman Pickey- a small haberdashery just north of Georgetown and down the street from Sky Valet. The have a nice selection of preppy things.
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you guys are misunderstanding the question.

I know vaguely of which places to visit; the thing I'm really unsure of is which area to visit first, second, and so forth.

As in, what's the best driving schedule taking into account which places are closest to one another, which stores are grouped together, etc.

Help would be appreciated once again!
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Reread kronik's post - he answered your question but I'll expand. Tysons Corner is in Virginia. Start there. You'll find Neiman Marcus (larger store - better than Friendship Heights) a neat men's specialty store whose name escapes me (starts with a 'P'...) and that's about it. Then go to Friendship Heights/Mazza Galleria (top of Wisconsin), where you'll find a Filene's (not the best), NM (again, not the best), Polo mini-mansion (worth seeing) and Saks Men's (also worth seeing). Barney's CoOp is up there as well. These are all within a couple of blocks. Keep driving down Wisconsin to Georgetown proper (short drive). Stop in Sky Valet and Everard's at around S and Wisconsin. If you want more Polo and a PUma/Diesel/Zara type set of stores, stop on Wisconsin at Prospect just above M and go there. Keep driving down Wisconsin all the way to M and go right stop at Relish (33rd or so and M down in Cady's Alley). Finally, drive across from Georgetown to downtown and hit Filene's on Connecticut and K. Finito!
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Isn't there a Thomas Pink in the Mayflower Hotel, next door to Filene's?
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Originally Posted by Stax
Isn't there a Thomas Pink in the Mayflower Hotel, next door to Filene's?

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thanks duveen.
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