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Matching vest and trousers worn with SCs

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I was intrigued by the look at Mr.Despos refers to in his comment below. Basically a vest and trousers of the same fabric worn with a SC.

Originally Posted by Despos View Post
I've made patch on a vest for a client but the vest cloth matched the trouser and both were worn with sportcoats. That was his signature look. Never made him a suit or a sportcoat without a vest.

Anyone tried it ? Pictures and thoughts appreciated.

Best regards
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Can be done, not stellar, but it can fill the gap between a rather formal setting and the fact that you do not want to wear a suit - I am faced with that in the academia. Some time ago, one of my tailors (MTM) thrown in a vest in order to make amends for delaying one of my orders - it was a charcoal flannel matching a pair of trousers that I've ordered. It was a good combination with grey herringbone or donnegal tweed jackets - taking out the rusticity from the jacket, but I would not do with other fabrics than flannel!
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I saw something like this on Magnum once and found it quite sharp, although I realize it's not a look suitable for the general work environment. Some Japanese guy wore, IIRC, off-white dress pants with a matching vest and a navy blazer.
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Thanks for you replies. No one has a pic? Difficult to believe no one on SF has tried it before...
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I will be having a matching vest/trouser made soon of the swatches seen below. Of the three jacketst that I wear mostly, do any of these swatches work with all three jackets?



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None of them will work with the middle jacket. Either trousers or jacket is patterned, not both.
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double post.
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Thanks, much apprreciate the advice!

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This is a practice that can very easily go wrong and turn into costume if entered into without some homework beforehand. I would recommend paying attention to very subtle patterns and textures as well as colours.
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I find the advice above nonsense..


Although not ideal, the top and bottom swatch could both work..but you'd need to bring it together with a tie harmonizing the colors. 


the middle is too cold, the others have some orange in them to match the tricky center jacket.


Again, harmonizing with a shirt color and tie color..


i don't know your style or if you are into a bit of sprezzatura, but it would be necessary here to make the center jacket work.


they would be fine..


post images of what you decide...


ps- i see a yellow tie of sorts in my crystal ball to make it work...mustard..



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