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your all time favorite jeans (that you have owned)

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What are your favorite jeans, in two parts:

1. All-time favorite, of all the jeans you have ever owned
2. Of all the jeans you own now

no fantasy jeans! only jeans you own and have worn.

1. My first pair of Levis 501s. I wore those until they literally disintegrated. I have had many pairs since but that first pair was magic.
2. Studio D'Artisan DP-292. These are magic. Somehow everything about them is perfect. I don't understand it. I have much "fancier" jeans but these are the ones I like best.
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Have not owned that many. However, the best fit and look for me so far have been 32*32 PDC MPO (I think 2-mpo-14)
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I've owned/own quite a few including classic Levis 501 '47, 505 '66, 201 '29, Lee 40s repros, Ace, Pace, Julian Red, Nudie, Glory, Diesel etc etc etc

My single fave pair of jeans is Nudie Thin Finn.

Close seconds are my Glory '1955' selvage and Levis Cap E stacked skinny.

honestly, all the classics are great but they arent what I reach for in the morning.
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Single favorite would be my Nudie RRDS. I haven't yet worn my Samurais but I have a suspicion they will be my favorites.
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this is kinda embarrasing but, diesel levan mud wash. I wore the mud and the crotch right out of those jeans and I'm still tempted to throw them on if I'm going to a bar or something but, its not 2005 anymore...and I can fit my phone in the crotch rip.
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for both questions, helmut lang, classic cut, raw denim jeans
i still have a pre-prada pair, they're still holding up like new
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+1 on the HL jeans. I don't look forward to trying to find another pair that fit as well as my HL classic cut jeans.
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my 8 month old dry boot cut olas, they just fit so good
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My all time favorite, and I still have it, is a pair of about 10 y/o Levi's 501xx. No big E, no selvage, no nothing. But it fits better than anything else, and feels like butter. It also recorded some good times and faded beautifully. I don't wear it much now because the fabric is thinning a bit and I want to keep it around for a long time.
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My Brioni and Kiton jeans are best because of the fabric and fine construction details. However, I know that the jean cognoscenti do not consider them to be "real" jeans.
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Nudie RRDS. While they are my only my first of two pairs of premium denim (Ande Whall Rodeo being the other), I really can't see anything fitting me better or more comfortably than these do.
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Nudie RRDS
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Hard to say. I would say the the stalwart jeans are the A.P.C. New Standards. I'd like to say the Anglaise, but I am trying to keep this current. I probably wear my various Nudies and 5EP as often, if not more, and I like Corpus for something distinctive, but I find myself constantly going back to my A.P.C. New Standards.Great bang for the buck, wears like iron, flattering and distinctive cut and color, and the original (modern) raw selvedge jean. Jean Touitou and company had this down to a science long before selvedge became a gimmick to be used on coin pockets.
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boot cut 7FAM
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My fav pair of all time must be the hand-me-down pair of Lees I got from a cousin a long time ago, unfortunately I left them at a festival two years ago. "...And all that could have been...".
I don't think they'd be my fav pair if I had them here now, but you always want what you can't have, you know?

Right now my fav pairs are my eternal x bears, crocking like crazy and a great slim fit, and h&m sliq just because they fit like a motherfkr and I get to wear my sweet 70s belt with them.
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