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My Hong Kong Suit Jackets (Pictures)

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Ugh...colors are reeaaally hard to tell...but 1) Black...Yes Black 2) Gray finely pinstriped Black 3) Navy Blue w/pinstripes 4) Gray 5) Pinstriped Blue Really bad lighting....just to show..last picture is actually a Navy blue w/ pinstripes suit
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really like the second one. Who is your tailor?
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Great-yes, who is the tailor?
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Very nice. Also who makes your shirts? They look fantastic as well.
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The two to the right are the best fitting to my untrained eye.
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They're fine suits. Are your suits less than rtw ones in the USA?
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The fourth from the left looks very nice. And yes, the burning question is: Who's your tailor?
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Nice. I especially like the last one, although these might be a bit short by my view.
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The waist suppression on several seems a little extreme to my eye, but this might be exacerbated by your wide-legged stance. WHO IS THE TAILOR???!!!
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i felt the obligation to chime in: who's the tailor?!?!
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Since everyone seems to be beating around the bush, I will step forward and ask this question straight to you: who is the tailor?
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This is interesting as a social experiment. I wonder if everyone would have had the same reaction is the tailor's (or is it plural) name was mentioned.

It is also interesting how some suggest staying away from asian tailors, yet look at the reaction here.

Now, I have to ask who is you tailor as well?
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I bet they're from Jantzen. He was talking a few weeks about getting one from Ricky. Looks great!
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They all appear to fit quite well. They might be a bit short as it looks like they may not cover your backside.

Wear them in good health!
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Suits are awesome but I think the pants (from the knee down) need to be taken in as the width doesn't jive with the slimness of the jacket. BTW, is everyone on this forum 6 feet tall and weigh 120 lbs?
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