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Men in skirts

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Thought you gentlemen might enjoy this article: Andy
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Friends don't let friends wear skirts.
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Do kilts really count as skirts? I actually think kilts can look quite nice, and everytime the subject is mentioned to a girl I always hear about how attractive it is.
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I think a kilt looks really nice when worn for a formal occasion with a tuxedo jacket. And I believe this is the case where most are worn nowadays.
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Brian SD: A kilt is definitely not a skirt. If you were ever to suggest such a thing to a Scotsman, he'd take great offence (while wildly slashing with his sgian dubh in your general direction at the same time. ) I own a kilt and Prince Charlie jacket and the combination is comfortable to wear and stunning to look at. I get many complements from both sexes, not just women.
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