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Leffot site hacked?

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I tried to log onto Leffot from work and my virus protection blocked it (McAfee). Just now I tried from home and now AVG blocked it.

Not to direct people there if it's been compromised, but has anyone else experienced this today?
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Yeah I got the same, and a firewall alert...
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I've been getting it for the last few days.
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For some reason Leather Souls site gets blocked at work for me. It states the reason as "Games". Weird.
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Works fine for m


sike just kidding. What is this thing you call McAfee?
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My software did not block it and I got a nasty virus.
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Any update of Leffot's site?
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Yesterday (Sunday) still hit with the Bloodhound virus and Zefarchligen trojan
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Just got an update on their FB page that the site is now ok, virus free etc.
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