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Originally Posted by Tck13 View Post
I LOVE leather sofas and furniture. The one nice thing is that anything spilled on them can be wiped off and they don't attract pet hair and whatnot. They are pretty difficult to punture but not impossible (especially if you have pets) but then again, same with cloth. If temperature is an issue, a covering looks nice and adds to the sofa and the room.

I am not worried about pet hair so much as the cat's claws tearing them up.
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We have 3 good quality, leather lounges - a two seater, 2.5 seater and 3 seater. They are so comfortable i have fallen asleep on them many a time watching tv after work. The 2.5 seater would be ideal as its long enough to lie on (shoes off obviously). Both seats on the 2 and a halfer, also have a lever and recline. The middle seat on the 3 seater doesn't recline so it's a bit of a waste, as no one in the family ever sits on it only visitors.

A couple more things to look out for. Get a lounge (not just leather) that has high enough backing so that you can rest your neck and head comfortably when you sit on it.

Also colour-darker colours are obviously better to hide dirt, etc. Ours are a deep burgundy colour.

Once in a while you have to use a special oil to clean and protect the leather.
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Leather looks great, but it only feels good if you're in a cold climate. I dont want leather furniture or car interior as long as I'll be in SoCal.
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Originally Posted by Simon Templar View Post
The 2.5 seater would be ideal as its long enough to lie on (shoes off obviously).

Yeah, you don't want piss, shit and cum all over it.
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Originally Posted by Alter View Post
Anyone have any comments (good or bad) on leather sofas? I am moving to a new place soon and need to buy new furniture. We are considering a leather sofa but have some concerns. I assume that there is a wide variety of quality levels and would be willing to go on the higher end of price if it is worth it for the quality. Please also note that we have a 4-year-old child. Advice appreciated.
They feel cold in winter and warm in summer.
Originally Posted by faust View Post
I wouldn't. One, I think it looks tacky - it's very hard to find a good one. Two, seating on them is terrible - it feels bad on the skin, it gets really hot in the summer, and really cold in the inter.
Missed this.
Originally Posted by GQgeek View Post
I know people that have bought cheap leather sofas and after a couple of years the leather has creased in a very displeasing way whereas mine still look brand new. I believe this is partly a function of how firm your couch is and whether your seating position eventually gives way. .
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I love the look of vintage leather chesterfield sofas. I have one but over to the side and sit mostly on my cloth sofa. I only use the chesterfield when guest are over.

When just lounging around the apartment I really prefer the old crappy fabric sofa.
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I LOVE my leather sofa. Another member already stated that they are super easy to clean. If you purchase a high-end leather sofa if you or the kids spill anything, just wipe it off with a damp towel then dry it. I own a leather couch from DANIA, it was like $1,800 but well worth it. I also love the couches from Restoration Hardware, incredibly comfortable.
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You have to be pretty picky when choosing one. To get one that doesn't stand out as ridiculous. Other than pet hair sticking, I am a big fan of the more "microfiber" sofas.
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We have this in our family room, it is the most comfortable leather sofa I have ever sat on. It has the warmest, smoothest leather I have ever felt. We purchased it as a floor model but it is still obscenely expensive. Every time my son touches it, I have a panic attack.

Stock photo from ligne roset.
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Originally Posted by robertjayn View Post
Because leather sofas are now in high demand you have to do a little research before purchasing one to be sure you are getting a high grade leather sofa at a decent price. Pure aniline leather is soaked in a dye and is one of the best quality leather grains available for leather sofas.
Aniline refers to a dying process. It doesn't have anything to do with the skin but a good skin dyed with aniline dyes is very soft. Pure means nothing. Leathers are categorized by grain. Here they are, modified from AAAC to suit a furniture discussion: Top or full grain leather refers to the top or hair side of a skin. It has a smooth grain, is soft, and easily absorbs dyes. Corrected leather is top grain, but damaged and thus lower quality. Split grain leather is the part under the top grain (everything but the top half of the leather). Bicast leather is made from chopped leather bonded with glue and found in much of the low quality, cheaper leather furniture.
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I have four leather pieces from desede. A couch, two recliners and an office chair.

Quite expensive but worth every penny, IMHO.
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For US consumers who are looking for customizable top quality product the concensus is that the two top quality manufacturers are Hanckok & Moore and Leathercraft. Both command prices in a $3500-6000 (purchase price) range. Ignore their retail prices. The most retarded manufacturer in the high end furniture market would be Paltrona Frau.
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My gf has recently discovered Ligne Roset...Furnishing our apartment will become ruinously expensive as I'm a smalltimer.
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As others have suggested, the aniline dyed high quality leather (such as Spinneybeck leathers) can be amazing. A good quality aniline leather feels completely different from the cheap leather sofas that are essentially lower quality leather that is painted on top. Like the difference between a very cheap leather jacket and a very high quality leather jacket. Nevertheless, if I had kids, I would buy one of the cheaper leathers in a dark color rather than the aniline leather, since the cheaper leathers are much easier to clean and they aren't as sensitive to sun damage. Keep in mind that for a high end sofa, an alternative to leather is mohair. It looks great, feels good, and is durable (old movie theater seats used to be covered in mohair).
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Wait few years, until the kid will not ruin it - trust me, you will not be happy seeing your couch decorated with your kids' scribble :-)
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