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One more question...helmut lang, varvatos...

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Just out of question, does anyone know who makes the shoes and leather goods for the larger design houses? I was at a To Boot sample sale and they included some Varvatos styles on their sales rack, and last year I was interested in picking up a pair of plain chisel toe oxfords at the Helmut Lang sale. Does anyone know who produces shoes for Helmut Lang and/or Dolce and Gabbana for that matter? Are these shoes of any quality? (I would never pay retail, but are they worth it even at half price?) nocal
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I was at a To Boot sample sale last month and they also carried some Gucci shoes as well, and in the past those sales have had other brands besides To Boot. I asked one of the workers there what was the reason for this and he told me that they also have overstock from other brands. I dont know if this is true or he just was telling me whatever he had been told to tell customers. If you hope to score a pair of shoes at the Helmut Lang sale that starts tomorrow, I would get there very early....it starts 10, and there will be a line likely outside the Market. The shoes (scattered on the floor & poorly organized unless things changed this season) are usually priced around $99 so you may have a chance to score something if you are early (popular sizes like an 11 are gone in seconds). By the afternoon, the good stuff is long gone.
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The HL sample sale this season is garbage. I visited this evening after my classes and found nothing. On a positive note, I stopped by the Bluefly outlet center on my way back to the Metro North and found two mediocre to good deals. A pair of gray pinstripe flannel by Ralph Lauren for $25 and a pair of red label Hugo Boss jeans for $50 (boot cut, in a dark wash... not an overwhelmingly wonderful value, but they fit m y agenda). I wish I wore a 40R or 42R, the outlet had one RL PL and Isaia Napoli suits that were missing their pants marked down to a hundred bucks. I was thinking about buying them and placing an ebay ad... but declined, less I incur the wrath of matadorpoeta And I have an exam in less than 2 weeks... Moral of the story-- the Bluefly outlet is worth a peek for New Yorkers. Lots of Zegna Soft for cheap (sweaters >$40). norcal
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I went to the Helmut sale as well but I did not expect much. They had stuff from as far back Fall 1997 there Items from 6 years ago should be selling for next to nothing IMO. It really looked like they had stuff in a box that they were trying to unload. One year I camped out and did score a Helmut black messenger bag for $95. Sample sales (and I attend most in NYC) are really struggling of late and suffering from overexposure. Higher prices and a bad product mix could very well be the reason.
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For some reason I think that Premiata may make shoes for Gucci, and others, but since I can't recall where I got this info I don't know how reliable it is.
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