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As a rule, I hate standup comics....but have to say Eddie Murphy's Raw and Delerious were gut busting. I still laugh out loud when I think of his "what if Mr. T was a faggot" impression. Yes, terrible word, which is why I have it inside quotations, to let you know it isn't mine.
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Did we do a best comedy album thread?

Young, foul-mouthed Eddie Murphy was pure fun. His earliest albums, Eddie Murphy and Comedian are tops.

Young Bill Cosby was great as well - "To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With". I was driving through Iowa with a friend when he broke out that album, and I was in tears. I like to laugh, but I rarely lose control like that.

Another fan of Steven Wright, and also have a weak spot for Gilbert Gottfried.

And yes, the pre-rehab and pre-emotional therapy Robin Williams was something extraordinary.
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One of my favorite young comedians right now is Nick Swardson. Seen him on Comedy Central a couple of times and I think he's pretty hilarious. Mitch Hedberg was also pretty hilarious and had a very unique routine.
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jerry seinfeld pre-seinfeld
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Originally Posted by Chris "Italia"
Robin Williams.

Anyone see Broadway of 2002 on HBO??

Simply put the funniest man alive...

I have the DVD of that show. Screamingly funny. Funniest standup routine I've ever seen, by a wide margin.
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Most of my favorites have already been mentioned, but:

Dave Attell
Patton Oswalt
David Cross
Louis CK
Todd Barry
Greg Fitzsimmons
Demetri Martin
Dave Chappelle

The late Mitch Hedberg and Bill Hicks.

Here's Dane Cook "allegedly" stealing some of Louis CK's material! Ta-da!
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Chris Rock is tops. Bigger and Blacker was the best stand-up routine I've ever seen. From start to finish he didn't miss a step and he just rolled one joke in to the next. Like Get Smart said, Bigger and Blacker is probably the most quotable stand-up routine ever. Never Scare was very good as well, but not quite up to Bigger and Blacker. I expect that we're not too far off from the next one.

I saw Robin Williams do a bit about golf on one of those interview shows but I've admittedly never seen him do a full routine. I imagine he'd be hilarious and I need to get around to that at some point.

A lot of other comedians just don't have the flow that Rock has. They fumble around with their words or pause a lot and it really ruins the effect. Chappelle is a classic example and is very mediocre in my book. He's got a couple of funny skits but on the whole I think he's over-rated. He pauses to think too often and then the jokes just aren't that funny.
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Originally Posted by Nick M

Dave Attell

definitely underrated.
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I loved Pual F. Tomkins “Driven to Drink” special as well as the stuff he did for the Bill Maher show when it first premiered on HBO. Both Dave Cross’ specials on HBO always have me in stitches. My favorite at the current moment (and has been for quite some time) is Dana Gould. “…When I wake up in the morning, I piss excellence.” - Ricky Bobby
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Jim Gaffigan I really like the STELLA guys Eddy Izzard Sacha Cohen
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Originally Posted by skalogre
A few:

Bill Bailey
Dylan Moran
Eddie Izzard

bill bailey and dylan moran are both very good. have you seen black books?

i enjoyed the ricky gervais animals routine, his bit on the bible, an over-used subject matter, was fresh and funny. i can understand why some people hate him though.
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Conan O'brien by far, everything is excellent.

Chappelle is really hilarious sometimes and other times you just think, what the fuck was that?

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Peter Kay
Jimmy Carr
Ricky Gervais(Not strictly stand up but his 2 shows have been hilarious).
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