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Anyone have experience with how these have held up after 5-6 months of wear.

Any more insight into fit?
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I wear a 6.5e in cj 236 last. Got a 6.5f for the sandringham, fits well. A bit tight at the start but stretches out comfortably soon. Not very gd at describing such stuff... The only thing is tt cheaney could have done better packaging their premium line, felt it was kinda shoddy compared to other marques.
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Originally Posted by bellyhungry View Post
Just saw on Robinsons Shoes website that they have these Cheaney Imperial shoes available, and some models are on sales at 10-15% off.

Have anyone dealt with Robinsons before and care to share their experience?

Looks like Robinson's is no longer carrying the Imperial line, or maybe they have just sold all of their stock for this season.

It looks like still has a bunch of different models, though.
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Anyone tried the Buckingham in espresso ? Is it a standard production item or a MTO ?
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No one ? This is the shoe I am interested in ...



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I'm bumping this old thread as it seems to be the best spot for my question.

I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair of Cheaney's Imperial line shoes. Could someone please comment on last 208: is it as pointy as most of C&J's shoes?
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I bought the Buckinghams last january. Great shoe. I can't compare with CJ, but I find the toe to be quite round. Here's a pic to give you an idea:

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^Many thanks, Steffen! This helped a lot.
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I would say that the 208 last is a nice almond shape, similar to the 11028 last. I just sold these on the sales forum. Very nice shoes.
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Not pointy at all, a classic almond shape I would say. Very nice shoes, although I just sold my only pair of Cheaney Imperials on the sales forum.
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Cheaney last 208 is not pointy, I don't own one but I've tried on the buckingham and balmoral before ending up with the cavendish which is in last 207 and E fitting which makes the loafers look a bit narrow at the front though not as narrow as C&J merton which I like very much too and I own a pair in black calf. one thing I notice about my cavendish is that, the leather is not as supple as the one on the other Imperial models. I struggled during the first 3 weeks breaking them in. I applied conditioners and shoe cream several times during the period hoping for the leather to soften, but didn't succeed materially. In the second week, I went back to the shop just to compare my cavendish leather with the other Imperial models, hoping to see the result of my effort to soften the leather akin or almost similar to the leather of the other Imperial models, but I was frustrated, they were just two different leather from softness and 'suppleness' perspectives. The cavendish is very good-looking, I love the look of the pie-looking stiched apron and the reversed-stiched looking split toe of the loafers. smile.gif
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Brand Spanking New Cheaney Imperial! biggrin.gif:D:D Sole so Yummy!
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I've just started to take more of an interest in the monk look, and those are amazing! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Thank you sir!
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In my opinion Cheaney got the fiddle/bevelled waist 'thing' all wrong. Plus I would be surprised they have sourced top leather for the upper of the imperials. So I would never buy imperials unless at a steep discount.

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