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Tramontano briefcase

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Has anyone had any experience with the larger one in the scan below? I am wondering if the leather is robust like Swaine Adeney bridle leather, or is it soft like butter like typical Italian leather goods.

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I prefer the stuff that they do in canvas and leather.
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Is the leather durable?
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My wife has some of their stuff but I do not. I will ask her if you like.
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That reminds me of Fendi's Selleria line.
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Originally Posted by iammatt
My wife has some of their stuff but I do not. I will ask her if you like.

Please do. Thanks.
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kolecho - how are you enjoying your Tramontano brief? anyone else have a Tramontano?
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My wife has both a purse and a travel bag from them, courtesy me, in their standard tan leather. The leather is beautiful and what I would describe as medium-strength. It is not as tough/rigid as SAB bridle leather, but it is better than much of the soft Italian leather that you may be thinking of.

At one point I considered Tramontano briefcases but ultimately prefered both SAB (a tougher leather) and Berluti (a much softer one) to Tramontano. SAB was better made (but much more expensive), and Berluti had more character (also more expensive). I went with Berluti.

Judging by the durability of what we have, which is in the same leather as their briefcases, I would suggest that durability will not be an issue.
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Thanks for info on Tramontano. I have been thinking about getting a briefcase from them. They also do custom order so I might go for that, but I need advice on design as I want a hybrid between a overnight/carry-on and a briefcase.. :-) They can also line their bags in leather which I think is very nice....
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