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Body Wash as good as Molton Brown?

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I've been using Molton Brown's Black Pepper Body Wash for a long time now and although it's good stuff and I always get compliments on it, I need a change. Anyone have recommendations of stuff that is just as good if not better than this stuff? Please don't post bar soaps from the local drugstore.
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Molton Brown has a Cool Mentha hair and body wash I like a lot, though not as much as the Black Pepper Body Wash.
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baxter of california's bergamot pear or italian lime body wash; both smell great and lather up well
(www.menessentials.com / www.baxterofcalifornia.com)

heavy duty has an excellent lathering grapefruit and orange smelling body wash called motor wash

korres body washes are very good as well, interesting selection of scents with the cedar, basil lemon, coriander and bitter almond being my choices
(www.korres.com / www.newlondonpharmacy.com)

ren has some very good but pricey body washes, i've only used the apricot scented one, highly recommended for being effective and totally free of petrochemicals and synthetics, sulfates etc, if that's your concern

brave soldier also has an interesting shower gel, pleasant smell, excellent lathering, mildly stripping, can't recall the name but geared for athletic purposes for use post-work-outs
(www.menessentials.com / www.bravesoldier.com)
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