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Originally Posted by Cantabrigian View Post

Just saw this thread and really digging it.
Thanks for posting all that, CG.
Just ordered some of the Montgomery's.


Do try the Mull if you can. I'm up to my ears in American cheeses this month or I'd order more myself.
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Started a new thread here
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Japanese Sage Derby or Venezuelan Beaver Cheese.
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-_- i shitted up CG's thread. i apologize
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(very?) Ripe Clacbitou fermier

(very?) Ripe Pouligny St. Pierre

Young (plus some riping at the post office) Pecorino from La Vialla. Quite nice.

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Vacherin mont d'or is so very delicious.
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True Vacherin is illegal in the US as it's young and raw milk. Are you getting a "vacherin-type" cheese or have you had it overseas? If here I wouldn't out the vendor.

Pasteurized vacherin-type cheese like Petit Sapin are as close as we get... American alternatives are Rush Creek Reserve & Harbison.
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Yeah, I was told it is illegal here. They import it under a different name. Not sure how, but I don't complain.
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I decided to get some aged Gouda again because it's been some time since I've had some. And I liked it. Given that this is just 0815 aged Old Amsterdam for like 13€/kg from the supermarket, it's actually pretty good -- some crystals, round flavor. Probably something like 24 months
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First of all a big chunk of some young Comté. Marcel Petite's Harmonie. 10-13 months. Rather mild, creamy. But still very tasty. I prefer older, more intense Comtés in general, but this was very good nonetheless.

And a pleasant surprise. Tried this Lithuanian cheese, Dziuga (18 mo). Pasteurized milk but still quite interesting and did not disappoint. It reminds me of some cheese which I can't pinpoint as of now.. maybe it shares a few similar notes with aged Gouda, if that makes sense.

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