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I had Irish (IIRC) "Camembert" once. That was great. Actually, I think I've posted it here.
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I'm not convinced I'd like even the "best" cam's... just not my style. But the lack of using raw milk here certainly is an issue. Now you have makers TRYING to make the cheese taste like mushroom when, if they could use proper milk, the cheese might naturally develop a good flavor of it's own.
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I'm not sure whether the Irish "camembert" used raw milk.. could very well be. Maybe it was from them:
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31 cheeses in 31 days begins! This is Hoja Santa- from Dallas. You eat the leaves. Matt- you should give this a try.

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I have to give that one another try. I wasn't a huge fan of it the first time I had it, but the sample I had was sitting out for a while before I tried it. Granted I'm biased, because I'm annoyed that every single store in Houston sells their mozzarella instead of just making it themselves, and I'm sick of refrigerated mozzarella.
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It's certainly different, with that sassafras-tasting leaf. A little goes a long way. It's interesting that they make this as it is a long way from mozzarella.
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Day #2: Dante
Aged Sheep milk, made in Wisconsin.
More mild than farmstead aged manchego but I've never had a sheep milk cheese I didn't enjoy.

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Day #3: Hook's Blue, Wisconsin
Dense and very creamy. Mild enough to eat plain by itself.

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Day #4: Hidden Falls
Shepherd's Way Farm, MN

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Day #5: Black River Blue, Wisconsin

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Day #6: A big soft blob of very goaty Granite Ridge

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Day #7: Marieke Gouda, Wisconsin

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This is Hoja Santa- from Dallas

Do you know Paula Lambert in Dallas?

If so, do you like her products?
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I've not met Paula personally but have mutual colleagues who speak very well of her. The Hoja Santa is wonderful.

I've had her Crescenza, which is a nice, tart fresh cheese and Grassias which is also very nice; people I know who have both the grassias and the hojs santa tend to like the Grassias a bit more.
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Day #8 Cowgirl Creamery, Petaluma
"Pierce Pt."

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