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The miles I go for good cheese ...

But Atlanta traffic is foo.gif
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Took a chance that there would be reduced traffic and went to *

I was rewarded. Got this for me and a friend


Caveman blue, brillat savarin, gruyere and a vt washed. Cheddar that esacapes me. House cured salamis and their olive mix. Morello cherry preserves in the middle. I'm sure I violated some serving rules but whatever. Only finished the bs and meat. Have a ton of cheese and I'm leaving the country soon. Probably cheesed out for a bit, too. As much as I love cheese and charcuterie two successive Friday dinners is my limit.
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The power of cheese > the power of fail
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Anyone else headed to the ACS conference ?
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I had hoped to but won't be able. With Daphne's passing, would have been a special time to be there.
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Last night's cheese course at Piccolo. Cheese was in perfect shape.


Front: Strache Di Capra – Italy
Harvest Moon Cheddar – Wisconsin
Valdeon – Spain
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Quadrello di Bufala... much better than most Taleggio I've had, I I <3 Taleggio

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Rolf Beeler Napf Bergkäse

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Fiore Sardo - Sardinian Pecorino

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How is it? I tried to get some at our local Italian wholesale (I think Hazan specifies it for pesto -- apparently it's mild so you can add a little more) but they didn't have any. However, we have a small Sardinian grocery store, they likely have some. Sardinian pancetta tastes great, btw.
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Ok, so it is not as strong but more delicate in taste as "regular" pecorino vecchio, right?
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Hard to compare. Large variations in the types.
I'd say they're similar. If anything, this particular sample was more complex if anything than a typical pecorino.
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Lately, I've been eating a soft Pecorino. I can't recall the exact name, but it is a delicious cheese.

Had an interesting blue tonight. Grevenbroecker from Belgium. Quite nice on its own, if a bit strong. Better on bread with butter. Also, Époisses and Edelweiss.
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