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yeah what the fuck man.
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we need a rep points system here.
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well. i am eating this cheese right now. not sure what it is. threw away the packaging lol. anyways it has a crumbly texture but melts in your mouth and is nice and creamy
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Tried my first taste of Delice de Bourgone yesterday.. very good with some hone and pecan or by itself.
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Just had a great Sunday afternoon cheese plate.... more Pont L'Eveque, some Point Reyes Blue, and my new fave... Beecher's Flagship Reserve from Seattle. This (Beecher's) is a great cow's milk cheese but hard to describe. Not quite as zingy as cheddar, not as sharp as an aged is interesting, unique and delicious! Try it if you come across it.
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Clockwise from left:

Dry Salami - local from a friend; testing it out for him
Shepherd's Hope - local ripened, raw milk
Honey from our hives
King of The Dolomites
Medjool Dates & Cherries
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^ on a piece of slate?
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It's a slate serving plate/platter/thingy made for cheese... felted underneath.
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just got a piece of one of my favorite bleus! Roaring Forties from Australia. Haven't had it in ages as no one was getting it in...but recently it came back and found me.....also have some St. Andre, Humboldt Fog and some random aged gouda to go along for the ride! nod[1].gif
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It's Vacherin Mont D'or season. My favorite time of the year.
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Originally Posted by alexg View Post

It's Vacherin Mont D'or season. My favorite time of the year.

had some the other day. good times. Have you tried Harbison? I don't know where you're located but it's the newest cheese from Jasper Hills in Vermont. It's modeled after the vacherin. Has a nice aroma, creamy texture with a rather strong mustard finish. Is a good cheese. I still prefer the original but it's tasty and you can find a small wheel for like $18 if you live in the northeast where Jasper Hill cheeses are more common. It has only existed a few months. I'm interested to see how they adjust it for next season

Speaking of Vermont cheeses, the new Twig Farm Goat Tomme came out a month or so ago. It's fucking amazing. Probably my favorite US made goat cheese at the moment. Incredible flavor, texture and the rind has a wonderful mustiness. If you see it at your local store and it looks in good shape definitely a 1/4 wheel up (it's kinda pricy like $30-35 /lb)
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I just had Harbison the other week actually. Great cheese, I'd buy again. I also had Uplands Rush Creek Reserve this week. Another American Vacherin clone. I honestly don't know if I could even say Vacherin is any better than those two. They taste different, but all three are some of the best cheeses sold in America. I'll keep an eye out for the Goat Tomme, but I don't think I've ever seen anything from that farm in NYC.
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Can one of you guys recommend a cheese/wine/bread combo for me to offer to (female) guests? I'm a complete newbie and have had some stuff I really liked in Paris but didn't pay attention to names. I'm pretty much looking for any soft, whitish cheese that's got some tang... I bought an expensive french cheese the other day but it ended up having no more flavor that that Laughing Cow stuff kids eat. Is champagne ever used in place of wine, and is it ok to add foie gras mousse to make it more mealy?
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Svenn- you can make a cheese board as "meal-like" as you want for as many persons as you want depending on 1) number of cheeses, 2) charcuterie 3) fruits/veg 4) bread and wherever else you want to go. Don't count out soup as an option as well.
Simple, can be easily paired with. And yes, sparkling wines, red and white can work and are the preferred choice with some cheeses (for example, moscato with certain blues). I've planned dinner for 20 that was all cheese courses and charcuterie.

Here are a couple of simple suggestions:

Bread: if you are serving just one cheese, a little brie or whatever, just stick with a good fresh baguette, warmed. If you add a few other things, more cheese etc, add a nice raisin/raisin nut bread.
Fruits (fresh): really easy and good with ripened cheese: green apple.
Fruits (dried) dried figs or medjool dates.
Nuts: for a small board, keep it very simple; one kind, just a few. marcona almonds are the stereotypical choice. Fresh walnuts are nice.
Meats: just my preference, but I don't pair French ripened cheeses with cured meats; IMO they overpower the mild flavors.
Wine pairing: buttery/creamy/triple-cream/brie etc hold up well against tart/acidic/tannic wines and can shine... again, a blanket generalization... all depends on what's on the plate.

All that said, since you mentioned champagne and a preference for strong flavors, here are a few easy combos you'll often recommended with cheeses that will be easy to find:

Small Plate - One Cheese

Beverage: Champagne

Cheese: Pierre-Robert, Epoisses or Reblochon

Accompaniment: baguette, green apple or strawberries

Add two cheeses

1) Add a fresh, plain goats milk cheese ( I like Wabash Cannonball)

2) Either Aged cheddar - Montgomery (English) is the classic example -OR- Manchego/Mahon... a harder cheese for texture and contrast

Need more? Add a little quince paste or a fig spread/jam. Perhaps add that dark bread, like raisin or a brown bread (plain)
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^wow many thanks. I'm gonna search out that Pierre Robert, any tips for what kind of champagne to get with it? I probably don't wanna spend more than $30 on the bottle, or can one get smaller bottles so there'd be a lesser amount of undrunken portion to lose the fizz? Also, what's the best way to get a fresh baguette- I know there's a vietnamese bakery around the corner that bakes them daily, but I don't wanna have to rush down there every time I think a guest might be coming, so is there any type of bread/cracker that keeps longer that I can warm up? Finally, the internet confirms dates go well with pierre robert, would fig spread be a better pair then than quince paste?
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