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Fab 5 clothing advice

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Just curios what you guys think about the advice that the self proclaimed fashion queer Carson dispenses? Personally I think he wears the most hideous outfits and would rather die a slow and painful death in one of Saddam's old torture chambers before wearing any ensemble that Carson has put together. He does have some good basic fashion tips but he should keep his Liberace inspired outfits to himself and stop spreading terror around the NYC area, just my opinion...
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well, i'm sick as a dog right now i might be delirious, but i've seen the show one time and i thought he did a good job. (could be the nyquil talking) it was the episode where they helped a buff guy with long blonde hair that was into bon jovi. the greek guy that lived with his mother. anyway, i wouldn't wear any of the clothes that were chosen for him but i thought they suited his personality very well and the guy seemed genuinely happy with them. the others guys did well too. they didn't just do whatever they wanted. they chose furniture and music that were really an expression of that guy. i've only seen one episode though, and maybe they mess up with everyone else.
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I like some of the items he picks out for the "straight Guys". However, I think he should apply a little justice to himself as he indeed appears to be influenced by Liberace (good call Valmont.)
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don't you say anything bad about carson. well, anyways, the episode i really liked was the one with the VJ, he really pulled off the rock star look really well. acutlaly, i wish i could do that...hmmmm
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I've watched it a couple times (never again though, can't take it anymore) and the episode matador refers to was really the only instance of good taste being applied.
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