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seeking custom Italian shoemaker

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I am an American designer in search of a custom Italian shoemaker. I hope to hear from anyone who has a contact or suggestion. Mille grazie.
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Just curious, why Italian? I ask because, FYI, "made in italy" means exactly zero nowadays. Its sad when a lot of the leather from Pakistan I handled recently was better than those "super high quality history tradition tanning skins" from the la marche region.
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Just curious, why the negative energy in all of your posts?
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If you actually want a suggestion, at least mention what kind of shoes you are looking to manufacture, styles within that, your target prices, materials you're looking to work with, annual buying capacity, etc. Are you looking to simply buy a pair for yourself or are you looking to manufacture with the intent to resell? I'm telling you the actual situation in Italy based off of the scant information you provide and you say the post is negative..I don't get it...I could give you suggestions but you need to provide more information
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Maybe he is American Italian and you just insulted his heritage. Or maybe he is Pakistani and you insulted his leather.
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I was a bit taken by your response and noticed that many of your other posts were in the same tone. I am a designer seeking a manufacturer. I prefer Italian artisans for my clients. I am open to suggestions or assistance if that is what you are able to offer.
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Or maybe he is a Pakistani who traveled all the way to America in hopes of starting the best shoe line in the world that would be made in Italy and I dashed all those very same hopes, making his journey here seem as if it was for nothing. edit: humor aside, send me a message with more specifics and I will try to help you as much as I can edit 2: saw you post, and would like to inform you that there is no such thing as "italian artisans". There are Italian sewing machine operators. There are very few people doing 100% hand sewn hand welted shoes. Tod's "hand sewn loafers" are sewn by a machine that replicates the "hand sewing" on the apron of the shoe edit #3: Google prato chinese. Thats the scene now in Italia. So many employees of small operations that make "artisan made goods" are chinese.
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I too am looking for Custom Shoemaker, doesn't have to be from Italy however the shoemaker/s must be able to create high top sneakers, high heels and men's shoes. Any suggestions. Please note I am not looking for mass production but rather custom made shoes to order.

Thanks in advance.
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hi mate did you happen to fine a shoemaker I'm looking for one too but not having much luck

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