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Pakeman Catto & Carter?

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Anybody have any experience with this company? The prices seem very reasonable, so naturally I fear for the qaulity. I'm not expecting anything astounding, but are their suits decent?

Also, I don't see any S sizes for the jackets. I'm only 5 foot 7, and the jackets appear to run a hair long, will these have that NBA star look on me?
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I've ordered from PCC a few times, and have been very happy with the merchandise. I haven't bought a suit from them, but I have bought trousers, shirts and ties. It is good quality at their price point. I would expect their suits to be fused. I don't think anything you wear from PCC will give you an "NBA star look."
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I purchased a half dozen cord trousers online from Pakeman and was very pleased with very quick shipping and high quality of the pants.
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How much length can be trimmed off a jacket without throwing it out of whack?

(very basic and Im sure oft asked question, but I can't seem to locate a good rule-of-thumb )
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Unless you have disproportionately long legs, expect only a size S to work. A tailor would have a more sure answer for the exact length that you could remove without causing problems, but on a smaller jacket, probably about half an inch.
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I have a fair selection of PCC items. Very good quality given the price. Perfect if you like old fashioned high waisters, bullet proof cord fabric etc.

My favourite piece is the smoking jacket I bought in their Cirencester shop. These should come supplied with a shitty stick to beat off the ladies.

If you normally purcahse at this price level I think you will be happy with their stock.

Their customer service is very good. They will for example do special orders, so I was able to turn an RTW tweed jacket and waistcoat they sold into a suit by ordering trousers, and when a dry cleaner broke a number of the thick MOP buttons on my summer suit they supplied beautiful replacements for pennies within days.
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