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please comment on suit jacket fit

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I got a decent deal on a HF Madison, and just got it back from the tailor. Everything fits well except the small "bumps" at the shoulder seam. On the hanger everything lays perfectly flat, but once I put it on, the padding seems to become very noticeable. I know the Madison is a traditional American fit with a more pronounced shoulder, but is this really how it is supposed to look? It needs a good pressing, but I dont think that will solve my problem. What to do?
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I think those "bumps" are the style of suit dude
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Those bumps are called roping. They occur purposely when both sides of the inside shoulder seam are rolled in the same direction rathen than split. Sometimes extra roping is added on top of this to give it an even more pronounced 'bump'. This is a very old style, but not out of style. Personally, I like it. Most of my jackets have it.
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If you mean the seam where the arm is attached to the shoulder, that's roping. It's not uncommon, although not considered the favorite style of those who like a more natural shoulder continue to a shirtlike arm attachment. My HF Madison suits have a little less roping than this, but it could be the angle. My Vanguard model (also mainline) has nearly no roping at all). I have a Kilgour bespoke jacket from the 80s that I bought on ebay. It's got considerable roping, as Kilgour has more of a military cut jacket.
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Yeah, its normal. Though I avoid roping whenever possible.
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Need a full length shot to really comment on fit, looks like it could be a bit big overall but its impossible to tell from that pic.
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