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Studio D'Artisan SD-103 Unworn For Sale

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Hello everyone--

I've got a pair of Studio D'Artisan jeans to sell, style SD-103, size 34. You can see the info on them here:


I live in Shanghai. My buddy, Derrick, who posts here as xcoldricex, bought these for me before stopping off in China on his way back to the US. Unfortunately, this pair of jeans is too small for me. Should've asked for the 36 size...

I tried them on once to figure this out. They're new, clean, stiff as a board, and without any flaws.

Although I've contacted Studio D'Artisan to request an exchange, they're not willing to perform this service. So I'm looking to sell these jeans to whoever may want them.

I'll sell them for USD $270, which will include the cost of shipping them to wherever you are in the world. If you've got any questions, please contact me via email or PM: subdivide (at) alum.dartmouth.org

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hey mate..
what is the actual waist size?..
and what size jeans you normally wear?

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Actual measurements are 35" waist x 36" inseam.

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i read you live in Shanghai. I will go there next week for about half a year and i hope i can find some Japanese Denim there like studio dartisan, Samurai, Denime Sugarcane etc.
Is there any hope i can find them in Shanghai?
Do you know a store that sells Japanese Denim? or other nice clothes?
Thank you!!

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there are a few but you'll pay very very high prices for them.
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Thank you for the information!!
Are they really that expensive in shanghai? more expensive than in Japan or Hongkok?
Do you have the name or better the adress of such a shop in Shanghai?
I would really like to try them on and see them in person.

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Can anybody help me??
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