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FS: WW Chan suit in Holland & Sherry cloth

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This suit is from the famous bespoke Hong Kong house WW Chan. It has only been used twice for evening functions. The suit made of Holland & Sherry cloth from England and is fully canvassed. The colour is almost black with selfstripes. I am generally a size US40 euro50. I am 5"10", 170lbs. The price is $120. If you are in the US, I will ship for free. Paypal is the preferred method of payment.

Style: 2 button notched lapel SB, double vents, reconstituted horn buttons, all buttonholes are beautifully handstitched
Jacket length (from collar bottom to jacket hem): 30"
Sleeve length: 24.5"
Shoulder width: 18.5"
Chest: 43"
Waist (at buttonpoint): 38"
This jacket has a high stance for buttonpoint and gorge. Very smart looking IMHO.

Style: Slanted pockets, two back pockets, 2 reverse pleats per side, side buckles on waistband
Waist: 33.5"
Outseam length: 41"
Inseam: 29.75"
Thigh: 23"
Cuff: 18"

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Why the sudden sale of all those HK suits? Making room for the new Anderson & Sheppard commissions?
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Got way too many suits in my small HK apartment. The ones I am selling have not been worn for the past year.

Yes, A&S is on the cards
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You are making some 40S very very happy. Why aren't you a 38r?
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It is sold! Thanks.
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great price
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I just received two of the suits (black selfstripe and navy chalkstripe) from kolecho. They are, as expected, beautiful. This was actually my first experience purchasing anything from the forum (or ebay, for that matter). I fear that I was too spoiled with my first purchase and will never get this good a deal again! Not only are the suits beautiful, but they were shipped quickly (and free[!!]).

Anyways, I think I might have the bug now. What's this "budget" thing that you guys always mention?
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I received today from Kolecho a peak lapel 2 button charcoal suit which is awesome (unfortunately, my belly and the pant waist are having a vehement argument which the pants might win and cause me to put the suit back here again). Great cut, quality fabric. Good guy to do business with.
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ed, I'd be more than happy to purchase if you decide to sell.
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In total agreeance with the above posters(except for the waist issue ). Purchased the solid navy and the charcoal herringbone. Tremendous and a real pleasure to deal with. Thanks!

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