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What do you guys think of this sportcoat to wear casual with e.g. jeans.



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Nice jacket, but I'd stick to wool trousers. To keep it semi-casual just go open collar (I'd avoid a button down collar, however, with peak lapels). With peak lapels, flap pockets, and what looks like a pretty fine weave (what material is it?) it would look off with anything short of tailored wool trousers and some fairly sleek dress shoes; i.e., not jeans and loafers or whatever. I think jeans + SC only really work when it's a rough jacket - heavily textured wool, blends, linen, tweed - esp. so with patch pockets. 


It's just too formal of a jacket - to be honest it looks more like an orphaned suit jacket than a sport coat to me. Like I said though, I think it would dress up/down (cause you're straddling that line) nicely for say a cocktail lounge or the like with trousers and a non-BD open collar shirt (which are tricky in of themselves; go with a half-size down in the collar to avoid it flopping/pancaking). If it was me, I'd use it for those kind of events at night, probably with grey trousers, sleek burgundy or black shoes, and even a white shirt. I'd even go open collar + french cuffs with a jacket like that. All this coming from a guy who never wears black shoes, and only white shirts or FC's with suits.


Could look pretty slick dressed right and in the right context. Just depends on what you want it for - versatility is not its strong suit (no pun intended).

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Accidental double post, ignore.
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thanks i have made my decision and skip the item!

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