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personal shoppers

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I was looking into using a personal shopper at Barney's in New York. What's your opinion of them? The service costs nothing.
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What do they do?
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They essentially assemble looks for you based on a consultation and your buying habits. You choose what you actually buy. I think that they are a good idea if you are looking to change up your style and are not confident in your ability to do so. Whether such a service works depends on the ability of the shopper, but also on your ability to communicate with one another. So, be completely upfront about everything with them, from what you really want (you might be surprised, but people will lie about this) to your budget (it's frustrating for a shopper to be consistently overshooting or undercutting your budget, so that you essentially buy nothing.)
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They are a starting point if you are clueless or just don't have the time or hate to shop. Hopefully, over time you can develop your own style, but you got to start somewhere.
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