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What are you saying?

That quality of tailoring is so low in Singapore that this guy's got to be given such a slack?

A shitty "tailor" is a shitty tailor, doesn't matter if he is from Singapore or Nigeria or Wisconsin or Paris.
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I'm saying that in fairness, ties are rarely worn in Singapore.
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Originally Posted by josepidal View Post
I'm saying that in fairness, ties are rarely worn in Singapore.

I have to disagree on that and about the blanket statement about the quality of tailors in Singapore.

I'm in the oil & gas consulting business and I wear a tie 5 days a week and so do most of my profesional peers and my clients in the financial, energy and engineering business. But then again, we are mid to senior managment types. Clusters of tie wearing chaps do congeregate in certain areas of this tiny island . Head to the Central Business District during lunch time. Suits, ties and sweet sexy office ladies galore. Check out the local Tatler, business papers events pages and you will see heaps of men in black tie and suits. Most senior professionals have their Asian HQs in Singers and travel the region. Suits and ties are an integral part of our wardrobe.

As for tailors, try Nani or Kevin Seah. You can search for them in this forum and see their stuff. They don't do 24 hour con jobs and their stuff are on par or better than WW Chans. I know as I have 2 suits and 3 shirts from Chan. Kevin Seah is also the official rep for the following brands in SE-Asia: Harrisons LBD, J&J Minnis, Dugdale Brothers, Thomas Fisher, Butt of Lewis Harris Tweed, Marling and Evans. I have a cotton-linen (Monti) shirt in the works with him now. Bespoke, self-cloth lined collars, thick MOP buttons with shanks.

May I ask what con job tailor did you patronise in Singers? Lots of the so-called tailors in SE-Asia are nothing more than order takers. Your answer could be fair warning to all and I'm getting pissed off with the bad rep Singers is getting from some quarters. Definitely not on par with the big end SR, Italians, etc but definitely not down the chain as some would make you believe or wrongly experienced.
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Got it. I take it you rate their shirts as highly?

Anyone have a guess as to how many washings it would take to reliably get a shirt to where it's shrunk all it can shrink, if at all?
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I've had mine shirts made at Kevin Seah too and I must agree with suitedandbooted. Kevin seah shirts are non fused and hand shanked buttons. My shirt buttonholes are also hand sewn. How many tailors here in Singapore can you find that makes hand made buttonholes for shirts? I feel Kevin Seah will be the regarded as the top tailors from now though he is more a designer than a tailor. His selection of cloths and knowledge surpassed alot of con tailors out there who just wants to sell you cheap China made cloths and make a fast buck without the works.
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