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Need a suit for under $500

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Hey guys, haven't posted in a while. Anyway, I need a semi-cheap suit for an office Christmas party coming up. I already have a belt and shoes, as well as a dress shirt, all I need is a tie and a suit. I have an estimated budget of roughly $500 and would like to get something that doesn't look too cheap. I've got a few dress shirts that I can wear (Blue and white checkered pattern boss, mauve burberry nova check, white and blue vertical striped french cuffed burberry [my fav]). As for my body type, I'm pretty tall (about 6 foot 6), 230lbs. Blonde hair, blue eyes (typical wasp). One more thing, I'm no "brand whore", I got the three dress shirts at Holt Renfrew in Toronto at a severe discount and couldn't resist.
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If you live in the Toronto area, the Harry Rosen outlet is a great place to get a nice suit for around $500 CDN. The outlet is in Mississauga by the 401 and Mavis. Hugo Boss suits usually go for about $600 and up but there are always a few for around the price that you are looking at. The JP Tilford, Arnold Brant suits are in your range as well. Call ahead and make sure that they have a decent selection in your size. From the colour of shirts you describe, it seems that a navy blue suit is the way to go.
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I was about to suggest the same thing.
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Thx for the quick reply. I really appreciate it. Yeah, navy would look good, I just don't want to look like my dad. By the way, I think my size is 46L-48L.
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Don't worry too much about looking like your dad. A good quality navy suit is so versatile that you can make it look very conservative or add a bold shirt and tie combination to make it look hipper. A lot will depend on the cut of the suit and how it fits you. If navy blue is not a colour that interests you, charcoal would be my other suggestion. As equally as versatile as navy and there are a plethora of colours that can be worn with a charcoal suit from grey to pink. These are probably the two colours that are best suited for, I am assuming, your first suit. Another place to possibly try is the Holt Renfrew outlet on Steeles. I personally think that the selection is better at the Harry Rosen outlet but you could always give both a try.
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Didn't know that Holt Renfrew has an outlet in town. What are some of the other high-end outlets available around TO? I'll try to visit Dack's Shoes outlet in Etobicoke soon. Have you guys been there?
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