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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post
Bump for more info. Which product is best to use for this leather?

By next fall, I will have had my RW GTs for 2 years. Aside from that one time I applied wax to cover some scuffs, I've only used Sno Seal on them.
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Originally Posted by Dewey View Post
Patrick said he knows someone who treats it with Renovateur? Any reason not to do this?
Ron Rider once told me not to use Renovateur and recommended Saphir Graisse. Obviously this would give you a much oilier look. I've used neatsfoot on Chromexcel Indys and been pretty pleased with the results after a good bit of buffing to bring it back up to a shiny-ish look.
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Sorry for bringing back this thread, but I was hoping Nick Horween would comment on how to properly maintain Alden Chromexcel 405's. Any advice from the maker regarding polish, etc?

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I have a pair of Wolverine 83 oxfords in Mahogany Chromexcel. Haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. But would love to know any special care instructions.^^ Thanks for bringing this thread up.
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I don't have the alden's, But I'd like to know how to best care for chromexcel.

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I've got a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots (love them) and use Venetian Shoe Cream, which Horween himself recommends for chromexcel, for regular cleaning and conditioning. I also use Obenaufs LP in accordance with Crane's method once or twice a season.
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Lots of Kangaroo leather products in Australia, including the iconic RMW boots. Also available for purchase from tanneries easily. 

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Hey guys, sorry for bumping this thread again, but would it be fine to use Obenaufs Leather Protector for chromexcel? Or does chromexcel require something more specific? Thanks guys.
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Originally Posted by kraftar View Post

What is the difference among shoes made from chromexcel vs regular calf or cordovan? I understand that the chromexcel process is more involved than for regular calf but how does that translate into the appearance and/or durability of the final product?


personally I'm a sucker for oxblood color

chromexcel products 

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all you need is neatsfoot oil. Obernaufs or Sno-seal is not necessary.
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Neatsfoot oil works wonders

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I bought a pair of Wolverine 1K  made with #8 color chromexcel at the same time I bought a pair of black Iron Rangers.


I've worn them to work the same number of days, roughly. The wolverines look pretty beat up, they show a lot of scuffs.


The iron rangers don't look like they've taken any punishment at all.


the LOOK of the chromexcel doesn't concern me, the scratches seem like they will buff out, and I don't intend on trying to keep them looking like they are new, but what concerns me is that I ride a motorcycle, and my last pair of boots lasted 5 years before a hole was worn on the top of the left boot from the motorcycle shifter.


I'm a little concerned that the chromexcel won't hold up to as many abrasion cycles as the leather on the red wings.


Can anyone either confirm this, or reassure me that chromexcel is as abrasion resistant as whatever leather red wing used on the iron rangers?

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