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Honestly? I'd opt for either the come out clean approach or the burn bridges approach, especially since its a very small firm.
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If you end your titles with the word "for," you shouldn't sit on it too long
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Originally Posted by Davidko19 View Post
They clearly expressed the decision date was today. In the offer it listed title, pay, bonus structure, everything... So its pretty firm.

Thanks for the ego boost July 4th holiday was there and they had to go back to find more money for me, so I think that explains the delay. Maybe not. Eh, whatever.

You think its wise to be completely honest and say I need a few more days before I can start because I kept interviewing and want to see how that pans out??
Dont you think that would piss em off? I doubt they will up the offer and I dont want to play with fire and come away with nothing. Seems pretty risky, IMO. (Note: this is a tiny family company - not some big shot legal firm or F1000 company)

Not trying to hurt your ego but sharing my honest take, based on being someone that runs a company and employees numerous six figure earners. I don't know where you "find" money. You know what your budget is, know where you can give and can't give. If you are hot to hire someone, you never let them sit out two weeks wondering. You take them off the market.

Yes, being completely honest is a risk. However, they felt fine taking the risk of leaving you on the market for two weeks, without communiciation. If you really want/need that job, take it. I have always run my career with the concept that one in the hand is better than a million in bush.
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I really appreciate all the input.

The HR lady at Company A just called looking for an answer in the next 3 hours.

Im going to call the recruiter at company B and see what the deal is there and tell her the situation. Might not know what they want to do til Monday though.

At that point Ill call back A and accept but what excuse can I make to Company A on why I cant start on Monday - or at least until I find out about company Bs situation?
  • Out of town?
  • "Personal reasons"?
  • Be honest and say Im exploring another option while I was waiting?
  • Lie and say Im working on a freelance gig that I need a few days for?

They know Im not working right now, so ....?
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You tell them you had a prior appointment that you simply cannot break and say nothing more. If that kills the deal, you didn't really want to work there.
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I don't think you need to be specific on why you need some extra time to start. Tell them you have to take square away some personal stuff and would like to start the following week. In my experience, this should not be a problem.
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If you're gonna play hardball then you simply start working for them and after a week/two weeks tell them "Its simply not working out" and jump ship. That way you get a few weeks pay, have an infinite time to wait, and as long as the offer from B comes through within your probation period, you shouldn't have to give more than 7 days notice.
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What happened?
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I hope you accepted the job and reported to work. Worry about other [solid] opportunities as they come along.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post
Based on your scenario, I would guess you were Company A's second choice. After you turned down the initial offer, they made someone else an offer and something happened to that candidate. Now they really want the spot filled, hence their heat on you to start ASAP. Could be wrong, but that's my read.

Advice: tell them you need a couple more days as you kept interviewing due to not hearing back from them for two weeks. See if they up their offer.

ding ding ding.

I would be honest and tell them that your not prepared to make a decision that quickly
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Originally Posted by culverwood View Post
What happened?

Strong bump. I was just thinking about this tonight and giving an update.

On Friday I called Company A and asked a few quick questions regarding the offer and when they wanted me to start. They said Id start in one week (6/19 - at 6 in the FUCKING MORNING!!!), so I knew I had time in case I got another offer and accepted.

I called the recruiter at Company B and explained the situation and how I liked this job more and what can she do. She found out on Monday that the offer at Company B wasnt gonna pan out like we thought, so I forgot about it.

I had an interview with Company C (the one everyone said to forget about) and have a good feeling about stage 1. Cool company, nice people, good work, cool location in downtown LA. I wasnt gonna go but thought, eh, fuck it. Cant hurt to interview and I can eat at Wurstkuche when Im done. They said they move really slow on hiring, so I wont hear back for at least another week or two about the next step.

Im still going 100% for company A and if company C pans out then Ill have another tough decision to make. Thanks for the support guys. Even though it sounds like an easy situation I still like hearing what others say re: etiquette and strategy.
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