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Agree with most fo the above but cannot believe no one has mentioned Fellini's muse Marcello Mastroanni (sic?), Truffaut's + Godard's muse Jean-Paul Belmondo, and Gregory Peck
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Frank Sinatra - I definitely want to wear fedoras as often as I can when I'm older. Tom Cruise - he just strikes me as a stylish guy. Brad Pitt - he has the best casual looks I've ever seen.
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My style icons vary tremendously - there are days when I want to be James Bond and days I want to be Jimmy Buffett. Here though would be my top influences: Cary Grant: To my mind, the epitome of a gentleman. Always properly dressed, always completely appropriate. James Bond: The look to emulate anytime one must wear a tuxedo and the attitude to emulate at all times, i.e. anything that needs to be done is best done with style." Lawrence Kudlow: Best dressed man on cable television. The perfect old-school, political insider, Wall Street look. Not over the top like a Gordon Gekko, but understated, clubby and very well put together. Kevin Costner: To me, Costner is the archetype of the modern American male. From the unconstructed lines of his modern American athletes (Tin Cup, Bull Durham, For Love of the Game) to his other looks (fighter pilot, Revenge; boat builder, Message in a Bottle; or farmer, Field of Dreams) Costner has put together a body of work that shows how to be casual, yet stylish. Bradford
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LK is my style icon
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Impressive thread resurrection. Since he's been discussed as of late, I'll nominate Bryan Ferry as one of the kings of cool/ sultans of suave. If love is the drug, he is the kingpin.
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For smart:
Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

For casual:
Tyler Brule
Jefferson Hack
Hidetoshi Nakata
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To be honest, I think my sister and her boyfriends were my earliest role models. But I also remember as a kid enjoying some of the clothes on late '70s and 80's TV shows, like The Lone Ranger, Bonanza, Hogan's Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Magnum PI, Remington Steele, CHIPs, 21 Jump St, it's spin-off Booker (?), etc. My SF icons include: the young Vox, the black-and-white, dressed by his father's valet version, the post-Bush years Manton, iammatt, well, really his London Lounge incarnation, and the whole San Francisco and Hong Kong crews.
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- B
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Luciano Barbera. God I miss his clothing line.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post
Luciano Barbera. God I miss his clothing line.

They don't sell LB anymore in the Bay area?

- B
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Michael Caine.
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Bond. James Bond.

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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
They don't sell LB anymore in the Bay area?

- B

Just a few pieces. The few that are at Wilkes or Neimans (the SF store is apparently the only one left in the US that carries it, or so the SA at Neimans had told me) are all very full cut and miss the sparkle that was in the line only a few years ago. Does Bergdorf even sell anything more than a few items these days?
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