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Style icons.

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Hello all, Since this is a style forum it would seem apropos that one would would have icons of style or chic. Now what are the members' personal mentors, indirect or direct, that they look up for influences, et al? Having said this perhaps I should share. Mine are the Duke of Windsor, Walter Albini, David Rothschild, Vivienne Westwood, Anna Piaggi, Noel Coward, and Fred Astaire. These are just some though.
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A great idea Label King.Some marvelous style mentors you have too. I would like to add ,Patrick MacNee who played john Steed on the original 'Avengers' series from the Sixties ,now seen in reruns..........Somewhere???I forget where I saw them.No matter. Did you include Gary Cooper? Adolphe Menjou?
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Cary Grant. For me he is first among equals.
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The young Marlon Brando, James Dean, Steve McQueen.
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James dean, Patrick Bateman, and finally.... Don Johnson in Miami Vice baby.
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Alain Delon, Gianni Agnelli, The Duke of Windsor, just to mention a few...
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when i was about 14 i saw the film "la dolce vita." marcello mastroianni plays a paparazzo in rome during the early '60s. he parties with the jet set wearing a suit and tie, sunglasses at night, and he drives a roadster. i thought "that's it, that's me when i grow up." since then, i've chosen not to wear ties except when i have to, and i don't wear sunglasses period. i do, however, wear a suit every chance i get, and it bothers me that people think of suits as business wear. they look good almost anywhere. i think my style sort of came out of watching that film.
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Hello again. Those are all quite nice style mentors. And yes I do find Adolphe Menjou, and Cary Grant quite the icons but not so much as the ones I have mentioned for myself. Just my opinion though. I should also not leave out Umberto Angeloni, James Joyce and I think that Cecil Beaton had a rather unique personal style as well. Also prompted by Matador's post I remember seeing a picture of Alberto Giacometti with one of his scupltures. He was wearing a beautiful doublecuffed shirt with fabulous cuffs.
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Most of the above.  Plus Prince Charles - always sharp.  And the young Sinatra. Hey, does anybody remember my first influence, Ted Dawson?  In the 1970's Mr. Dawson was the ubiquitous "middle aged" model and often featured in GQ.  Wavy blonde hair but very masculine.  I remember thinking:  "When I get to that age, I'll never look as good as that guy."  I was correct.
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Puff Daddy, Humphrey Bogart, and myself. Eric
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Clyfford Still (a 50s American artist), Betsey Johnson, Bahaus art and design??? And to a lesser extent... James Bond. I dream of cufflinks with small explosives or built in digital cameras
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The incomparable Fred Astaire, Clifton Webb, the perennial royal favorite Dook o' Windsor, Cary Grant, Cecil Beaton, George Sanders..............
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Alain Delon Charles Boyer William Holden Spencer Tracey Bogie Oscar Wilde Fred Astaire Cary Grant Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Horowitz (even though I never wear bow ties)
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Movies made from the 30's to the early 60's, before the counterculture revolution. I guess the main ones frfom this period are my major influences- Bogie, especially in "The Big Sleep," Cary Grant, in practically everything he did, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. There are too many more to mention and I find new ones everytime I watch TCM or AMC. I also have to say my grandfather, mainly from pictures from this same period. He always tried to dress well when he left the house. He always wore a snap brim hat, like my previously stated icon, Frank. I still love those hats and have been trying to find one for a reasonable price for some time now. I also have to agree with the guy who said Miami Vice. Many were the days when I was a senior in high school 3 years ago where we tried to immulate Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs. It usually didn't work too well, but me and my buddy always got some sort of comment. There's always a little room for a little flash.
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Luciano Barbera and Fred Astaire.
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