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Question that takes an interesting aside: I need help with..

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I'm 6'1", african american, skinny, and completely burnt out from trying to find streetwear/college-wear that fits me properly.

As the years have gone by, I have noticed a gradual drift between clothing styles.. you either have extremely baggy/uncomfortable jeans, or too-close-for-comfort straight legged jeans. This is all fine and dandy except for the fact that it puts me in a terrible position to find the style of jeans I prefer. I like loose-fitting jeans, but not so loose as to be baggy and hanging out under my butt. 19-20" leg opening. I have found that bootcuts simply don't look good on me. It is quite strange, as I have "bowed" legs, but it is true. So what I'm trying to find are some loose-fitting straight legged jeans with 19-20.5" leg opening. Can I get some help? As an example, I have a pair of levi 569's and I think they are almost perfect: they are just a little bit too tight. I also have a pair of bullhead loose fit straight leg jeans, and I think they are about right.

Also, I'm having problems finding t-shirts that fit me the way I like. They are either 2 sizes too large, and extending to my knees, or uncomfortably small, falling just over my belt, and having sleeves that just barely cover my (not so) bulging shoulder muscles. This is annoying to me. I like the (closer) fitting t-shirts (not macho muscle-man t-shirts, mind you) that also fits my shoulder properly, extends a little below my waist, and with sleeves that extend to my elbow (or somewhere close).

I ask here, because I'd like to find some good stuff for my back-to-school wardrobe that fits well, and doesn't leave me feeling very uncomfortable.

ok, snobby writing aside, I need help.. its been a frustrating six months trying to find stuff that fits me correctly. I'm a college student, and I'd just go frat style abercrombie, but that doesn't really work for me, because I'm african american, and their stuff just looks weird on me. No offense.

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Where do you live, what's your weight, and what are your measurements? And how much do you want to spend?
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Originally Posted by minya
Where do you live, what's your weight, and what are your measurements? And how much do you want to spend?
height: 6'1"
weight: 160lbs

across shoulders: 20"
chest: literally measures 41" (I wear a 44 suit, though).
waist: 33-34" (what I wear)
inseam: 32

shoes: 11 inch, us.

Jeans: no more than $50'ish? I guess I'm flexible, but I'm just a college brat.
T-shirts: eh.. $20.00?

Price is flexible, depending on how good the clothes are.
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i bet a uniqlo standard fit jean is just about what you're looking for. but i don't know where you live.
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Connecticut, but I go to school in New York (near canada).
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Doesn't american apparrel stuff normally fit the tall and skinny? Though, apparently it shrinks a good amount?
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The sleeves on most t-shirts are too short for someone like myself.. the t-shirt itself is also too short. The jeans are too close-fitting, otherwise, they tend to be bootcut (which looks awkward on me), or too baggy (i'm black, but I'm not "gangsta").
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As stupid as it sound, maybe you should try Gap for tees, they have some that are looser than AA but still fitted and you'll be able to try them in person and make sure the sleeves are allright. I think Jon likes them, maybe he could give more info.

As for jeans, for $50 hmm, go Uniqlo I guess, but maybe they're not relaxed enough. You would be a prime exemple of a Rag and Bone client but they're a lot more expensive than $50.
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Hey man, sorry that all these "fashionable" clothes fit you so poorly...but I think what you're asking for is "middle-america" fit. Shouldn't be too difficult. As a college student myself, I feel your finacial sitch. I would highly reccommend skateboard clothing. I know it seems weird; but I've really been impressed with the coeptition (sp) of the fashion industry by the skateboarding/action sports industry. For you, some of the companies are doing a "slim fit" tee (like volcom or dc) that, while it isn't a rectange, still isn't super slim, and they're a little longer. And then, the denim, is all kinda cool. you won't see any selvedge or any quality related details; but some of the graphic and labeling is cool and unique-and the most expensive skatejeans you'll find are like $80. keep in mind that most of skateboard clothing is designed at a price point that parents won't say no to their kids. look at

I think you'll be pretty impressed.

btw-I've been skateboarding for 15 years so I feel pretty comfy rocking skate gear...If you don't skate; don't worry remember that skateboarding has been looking to hip-hop for inspiration for the last 16 years...should be a nice break from the A&F look.
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Hmm, not sure about at the pricepoint you're looking at, but Nudie Loose Franks or Howie's (the Welsh company) seem like they would be perfect for you. Both good loose straight leg jeans. Atelier La Durance would be my next pick, followed by some PRPS models. I personally like Corpus Fine and Corpus Benko jeans, these days on sale for about $80 in many places, but they may not be exactly what you are looking for. The new "Skater" jean offered by A.P.C may be up your alley as well, though I've never seen these in person, and One True Saxon does some decent straight leg, loose jeans, as well.

But I agree with the above poster: skate brands may be the way for you to go. Volcom is a good bet, as are Stussy and Milkcrate.

Good luck.
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apc skater jeans? where?
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Originally Posted by nomovement
apc skater jeans? where?

Um, they were in the catalogue. And here they are online: http://www.apc.fr/eu/fr/fiche_articl...f=1C012912267H

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