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Light grey suit combination ?

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Hi all

I bought light grey suit for a summer evening indoor casual wedding , the suit looks boring , which color matches best with the suit , shirt , shoes ? please advice ...

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Mine a little bit darker ...
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Navy tie, black captoe shoes of course.
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Light grey is really very versatile. I can think of very little that wouldn't work. I find it is a good background for louder shirts and ties, as well a a very nice compliment to crisp, conservative colors.
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Ok lets say if i wear my other grey suit " medium dark " with no tie , which color will look nice for the shirt : purple , pink .... ? i want something fresh ...

Thanks guys
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Try a checked shirt and add a pocket square for some pop. Can be a good look. You wont go wrong with an open white shirt with some less dressy shoes either.
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Get yourself a nice gingham print shirt with a bold-solid stripped tie and you're good to go (for the summer/spring season anyhow). throw in a pocket square if you are confident enough in your pattern matching. However, i would suggest a false-plain tie if you want to go with a patterned pocket square or the combination may look too busy.

black shoes are fine, but brown works better.
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white shirt, black grenadine tie
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PS. for my money, i think light grey suits look best with some tassel loafers. Throw on these brown guys with some heather red socks or other loud colors (i am wearing heather lime green right now) and BOOM - youre the office bad ass. If you are really brave, and the climate is right - go sockless. Not recommended for anyone over 30.

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Navy blue silk or knit tie. Brown shoes (any shade, really). Light blue, white or simple blue striped shirt.
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I love light grey, particularly because I am a tie fetishist, and IMO, nothing provides a better canvas for a bold tie than a light grey suit with a white shirt. As we can see from some examples already posted in this thread. I'm a particularly big fan of the light grey suit + white shirt + green tie combination, but it works equally well with blue ties and some variations of red or purple.
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Lavender shirt and yellow or pink tie.
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oh anything! personally I like a pink shirt, or a navy or purple tie, even on a light blue shirt. or one of the few times a plain black tie works. Probably one of the nicest suit colors IMO. Here are some ideas...
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^ excellent collection. Thanks for sharing.
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so few pics .
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