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Haven't posted much in several months. I find myself living outside of Boston and very happy except the search for a legal job has proved very difficult.

I got to the final round of interviews to be a regional director of sales for one of the big bar review/legal publishing companies and although I did not get the job, it got me to consider that if sales is something I am interested in perhaps I should broaden my search.

Fast forward a few weeks and I have had a round of interviews with several insurance companies and essentially have a couple offers on the table to work for NY Life, Mutual of Omaha etc.

The pros:
- I think I would be a good salesman. I was a lobbyist for three years before I decided to move and I prefer talking to people to doing research or document review.
- hard work could or supposedly will be rewarded with income and I am a very hard worker.
- I think even if initially this is not the greatest job- as long as I make 40-50k I can survive and I see where I can use the experience down the road.

- I am worried about the transition into the field and where I will come up with income while I get rolling in a job that is 100% commission.
- I am worried networking and prospecting will be more difficult than I anticipate.

Anyone with advice or insight would GREATLY be appreciated. I would love to chat via email as well if that is more comfortable.