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Can I wear this?

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I am trying to find a new combination to wear and I need some advice. Is it OK to wear medium gray pants, medium gray shirt with a nicely matching gray tie and black coat? I am not always on the daring side when it comes to combinations I have not worn before, so I think it looks alright, but could it be too much gray?
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You can keep the all-gray style but change the color of your tie (hum... consider a white shirt too with a very discreet pattern). Light pink would suit grey... or a gray&pink tie...
Here, choose one:


Christian Lacroix:

Personaly, I would go for the first Christian Lacroix cuz it has also black in it, which will suit your coat... But you can choose the second one if you're feeling funky

I found them on bluefly lol:
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Thank you. That helps alot. I had not thought of pink, but it would look great with gray. It would also shake me out of my dull color rut and change my style a bit. I always go with safe navy, black and gray. I appreciate it. Oh, and thanks for the bluefly link.
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Welcome Classicstyle. I would probably recommend branching out a little bit with the pallete, frankly it sounds a little Matrixish. Grey is an amazing neutral that will go with anything from pink to green to blue. I would suggest some medium gray pants, a navy sweater, and light a pink tie. If you want to get dangerous perhaps a pair of brown boots. A.
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Too much grey and too matchy matchy. Try a contrasting pant and/or shirt and/or tie.
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Thank you Aaron and Kitonbrioni for your thoughts and thank you for the welcome. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge assembled on this site. I learn something new everytime I log on. Yes, it is pretty matchy, and like I say, I do try to go the safe route. Aaron, you mention wearing brown shoes, but I was told once that you should not match brown and gray but I didn't really believe them. However, it did scare me away from experimenting, and though I have looked for other evidence, I have never seen anything to contradict. Until now. So this long sentence to say and ask, I appreciate you setting me straight, but is there an amount you should or should not wear when you put them togerther? Would you do just shoes and belt, or could you add some in a tie or shirt? Thank you all for helping me become more colorful.
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Amount of what? Brown? There's a saying around here about that color, when it dominates a tailored outfit...
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Thank you. Point well taken. I just purchased a tie with varying shades of pink and gray and I am really pretty psyched. I can't wait to see everything together. Thank you again, everyone, for your help.
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