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bluetree, that's certainly a problem that can occur with some mentoring programs, but please don't paint them all with such a broad brush. For every program that offers insufficient match support or does a poor job connecting the right mentor and mentee, there are dozens that are doing good work. As for effectiveness, I don't think anyone would claim that an hour a week will cure every child's problems. The statistics, however, show that a mentoring relationship such as that used by BB/BS can have incredible effects on the child including decreased experimentation with drugs, higher self-esteem, higher perception of scholastic capability, and smoother relationships with family and peers. As you mentioned, some kids need more than a casual mentor can offer, but for some it's a literal godsend. Ultimately, it's the job of people like myself to look into that and see which children are going to be helped by a mentor and which ones are likely to be disappointed by the particular assistance that a mentoring program can provide.
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ive always wanted to do this but was never sure I could make the long term commitment. I have been worried about having to move for work or something and thought it would do more harm than good.

Looking back, Ive been in the same place for 5 years now. Ugh...
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When I was 5 years old I was the oldest of 4 kids, my mother was single raising us on state aid. I was partnered with my big sister, Katrina was her name. We hit if off right off the bat, she made me feel something I only felt around her. I know my mom wanted to do more for us she was just financially unable. Katrina and I did so many things together, we even went to adventureland! I have so many fond memories. We did not have to spend money to have fun, we would color, read books, go fishing and even bike riding. I am 36 years old today and throughout the years Katrina and I have stayed in contact, she means the world to me. I enjoyed our time together. I don't know if she really knew how excited I would be to go with her, as I got older I felt guilty that she was so kind to me and I had nothing to give in return. Little did I know, me smiling and laughing was all she needed. This program changed my life and I am so happy that I had such a wonderful experience. I can only hope everyone in the program could have someone as wonderful as my Katrina. I love her and I always will.

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Not much too add, I never did the program. However, I did audit it and can tell you it's very well run.
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