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Consolidation and Drops on EVERYTHING in a last ditch effort to move stuff!
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message sent
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Originally Posted by PocketCircle View Post
Is it NWT?

No, it's in excellent condition with no wear whatsoever...

This is still a little big on me and I can't decide whether to take it in or not
So here it goes, navy with light blue and lavender stripes, 2 button, side vents, surgeon cuffs, flat front, cuffed pants, shaatnez free, semi flannel-y material, SOLD
chest: 22.5" / shoulders: 19" / BOC: 30.9" / sleeves: 25.25" / pants: 36.5" x 32" + 1.85" cuff + .85" folded under
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Darn, if only it was a size 38.
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+1 on the wish for it in a 38
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damn...she is hot!
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man...if those pants weren't so big...
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Is it NWT?
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hows the sizing of the white Isaia compare to the last suit i bought from you?
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Adding a buncha shirts!!
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Lots of nice jackets. Would love some in 42 or 42L
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That last Piana was great, not my size.
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One and only drop to $475 + shipping...
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Price Droppage!
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