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Lidfort caps for $400 or RLPL Mackays for $600 ?

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I've seen both models upclose ( actually held'em in my hands ) and must say that the Lidfort pair is rather decent. IMHO it sends the crudeness that Cole Haan hypes as their english-made-bench-grade shoes along with BB Peal & Co. stuff packing.
I shall not amplify on the subject of Mackays as you know those shoes very well. What I wonder is whether the upcoming price hike, plus $100 shoetrees thrown in, plus higher grade product pretty much wash out the $200 price disadvantage ?
Here are a couple pix of those Lidfort caps
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Which one fits better? The EG shoes are better-made (the Lidforts are Blake-constructed, and the ones I've seen, at least, are not finished quite to EG standards), but they're both fine shoes. Regardless, though, you should only buy shoes that fit you well.
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Amusing how in Japan the Alden's are almost as expensive as the EG's.

Btw I have the brown Lidfort's on the left (link below) and they are very fine shoes. As jcusey pointed out, not comparable to EG in terms of construction, but great shoes nonetheless.
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I just got back from Hawaii and while I was there I stopped in at Leather Soul in Waikiki. I was surprised by their large selection of Alden (dozens) and a relatively modest selection of EG (about 5 or 6 styles).

Panzeraxe's comments must explain it though. Even the shell Alden's were roughly half the price of the EGs. All the Japanese customers seemed to be coveting the Aldens (much to my surprise at the time, but not now).
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My Polo store is - suprise, suprise - out of Mackays. The Lidforts turned out to have a $485 price tag which made them even less desirable. Bally store now carries their high-end Scribe ( about 1/2 dozen models ) line priced under $700. I understand a lot of people have been dumping on'em for being " overpriced " or what not, but I happen to like them. French calf, well-made, distinct looking shoes. Frankly, the issue of fair pricing should be rather relative in the age when you have Gucci/Prada glue-n-plastic garbage going for $500. For that money one's better served getting himself a pair of actual shoes like C & J benchgardes, Alden cordovans, Tramezzas, Borgiolis, Moreschis etc... And before I forget, Hermes store was - cough, cough - out of JL shoes as well. ( Honk if you sense a pattern here). The manager pulled out their product catalog, pointed to the sketches ?! and said she'd be happy to order me anything. The JLs go for about $1300, however the price isn't set in stone due to currency fluctuations. Huh ?!
FYI, FB @ the Crossing has a pair of $699 size 10 Kitons from LB. They're chestnut, wholecuttish style with not-too-elaborate medallion and come with trees and a box. Were they my size, I would've bought'em on the spot.
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