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My Budget Shoe Collection (pics)

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Fellow members of the forum,

I have been 'lurking' on this forum for quite a while and have never really had much to contribute.

To get a background on me. I am in my late 20s and live in Subtropical climate of Brisbane, Australia. I work in a job that doesn't always require me to wear a suit, but due to my interest in clothing I always take the opportunity to wear a suit or sports jacket when weather or occassion permits.

Unfortunately where I live I unable to buy most of the clothes and shoes that other forum members are lucky to have more regular contact with me. Another factor that is limiting for me is my budget. For me to purchase shoes of higher quality from manufacturers (like borrelli, zegna, churchs or fratelli rossetti, even tods - I know these guys are lobb or green). i need to outlay alot of money. reguarly between $600.00 to $1000.00 AUD. Even a pair of Allen-Edmunds is almost as much as $500AUD here in my city. Even if I had that kind of cash, sometimes I do, my selection is limited to only 3 or 4 pairs to chose from in styles that I would rather pass on.

My solution to this is to constantly look for bargins, and generally look at quality of leather and style as opposed to construction.

Here is a tour of my modest shoe collection.


Above. Herringbone Sydney. "Beaumont" Plain toe balmorals in Black Calf.

Above. Herringbone Sydney. "Travis" Butt Seam Loafers in Plough Suede. Both made by Cheaney, UK.
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It seems that most opinions of Florsheim on this forum is quite negative. If I had a choice, I too would not enter the shop. But I always enjoy walking into the florsheim shop in Brisbane just to see what new styles they have. Most of their shoes are quite attrocious, but I do think some from their royal imperial range deserve a second look. Here's some that I thought were interesting enough to purchase. Below. Florsheim "Stamford" Square toed Wingtips with heavy broguing. Made in India. These are a strong heavy shoe. Goodyear welted. Below. Florsheim Decorated captoe derby. Black Calf. Made in Italy. Below. Florsheim Loafer with stitched vamp. Color in Mahogany. Also made in Italy. I will probably make another purchase toward the end of the year from florsheim. I have also spotted two more shoes, with a more fashion foward look. They have track stitching in the vamp. These shoes are also made in italy, and the shoes appear to be goodyear welted or blake stitched as opposed to the cemented shoes above.
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Your shoes are classic designs that are always in style even when no in fashion.
Please, get high quality shoetrees for all you shoes and polish them before wearing.
Welcome to the forum.
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These next shoes are from one of Australia's most popular outfitters and probably one of the last shoemakers still within this country.

The other make is baxter boots. Which also make a goodyear welted chelsea boot in a similar style as the RM Williams. I am yet to buy one of these shoes, although I tried one on the shop. But was not my size.

They are alot cheaper than the RM. I think the price is based on an brand recognition.

Anyway here are my two "craftsman" chelsea boots. One in black and another chestnut leather. They are not made from calf but rather the cheaper "yearling leather, which is from cows that a about a year old, hence the name.

The black ones I hardly wear these days.

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I have no idea who makes these shoes. Both were made in italy but were cheap and I liked the style. The Mario Fagni is of a Blake Stitched construction. Below. Mario Fagni Derby in Tan. Below. Plain toe Derby by Rubin Haigh
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These are probably my more favorite shoes Below. De Tommaso. Black Fullcuts with medallion. Below. De Tommaso. Blonde/Light Tan. Full Brogued Balmorals. Below. Barker. Half Brogue. Dark Tan Balmorals.
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This is my shoe collection in perspective.

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Nice collection. As previously stated, get good shoes trees and use them. I noticed a fair amount of creasing on several of those shoes, especially the boots.
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Thank you for the advice. I have tried finding shoe trees in Brisbane. I cant find any good quality ones here. The best I have found are the florsheim cedar shoe trees with the plastic handles. However, there dont really keep the heal and the rest of shoe in good shape. Do you know where I can purchase some online? Or recommend any manufacturers?
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All very nice, and not exactly what I would call 'budget', but never mind. I'm using plastic shoetrees at the moment - I started along the road of 'sartorialization' recently. I guess I will get 'good' trees soon, as soon as I find a source of reasonably priced ones that is.

I really like the De Tommaso wholecuts.
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I also like the wholecut De Tomasso. And those RM Williams are great!
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Go to the shop you got the RM Williams boots from and order in some RM Williams shoes trees if they don't have any in stock. They run about $50-60 a pair if I remember right. I'm not sure of the quality but they're cedar.
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Originally Posted by SomeGuy
Go to the shop you got the RM Williams boots from and order in some RM Williams shoes trees if they don't have any in stock. They run about $50-60 a pair if I remember right. I'm not sure of the quality but they're cedar.

Are they lasted shoe trees?
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I have absolutely no idea what that means

Here's a link to their product page for the trees: http://www.rmwilliams.com.au/home.as...50AE8E76E3EBF9
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Nice Collection... I do think you don't have to spend a fortune to be a well dressed gent... but make sure to buy only quality shoes and clothes... I don't go for the brands... is the quality and the beauty that makes me buy... I am fortunate to live in Europe where quality beautiful and fairly cheap italian shoes and clothes are easily found...
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