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The King of Games: Nerd Couture

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I know some people that are involved with this Japanese clothing line. It's all 8-Bit Nintendo-themed and the shirts are supposedly high-quality: http://www.the-king-of-games.com/ The page is tacky/cluttered in typical Japano-site fashion, so ignore all the extraneous stuff. Thought some of the nerds on the site (we seem to have a lot) would enjoy this.
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Well I never! I am not a nerd! Don't look at me like that! I AM SERIOUS!

Thanks for the link, some interesting things there.
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Here's the English site: http://the-king-of-games.com/english/index.html I know some of it's pretty ugly but still...it's the ultimate in nerd-wear!
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I want some!!! Now if i could just navigate the site to actually see what the designs are .
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I would kill a man in cold blood for one of those grey Zelda t-shirts. Any idea how one would go about acquiring one? The English site says they're only available outside of Japan at the Nintendo World Store in NYC, but there must be another way...
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Those shirts don't look half bad and the design is intricate enough to where people won't know that you are wearing a video game shirt. The cut and fit looks great on the model. Seriously, I wouldnt mind having one myself.
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I just noticed they changed the english site and are now taking international orders. Of course the cool gray zelda shirt is sold out now, but they're gonna reprint them some time soon.


I also wanted to try and contact the nintendo world store to see if they had them, but could not find any email contact. Anyone have try that?
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