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Tailored suit to slim fit sizing

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Hi guys, thanks for taking time to read my query.

I have seen a suit that I really like ( 3 piece suit )

Usually i buy a standard ft suit and wear a 42 jacket and waistcoat with size 36 waist trousers.

This suit is on an online only purchase and is 'SLIM FIT' I have never tried a slim fit suit before and am interested in purchasing.

My question is : If i usually take a 42R suit would I also probablt require the same in slim fit or is the 'conversion' different ?

any help will be great
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You should generally wear the same size; the slim fit will be slimmer and tighter but not usually enough to cause you to size up, and sizing up would defeat the object of buying slim fit in the first place. Measure the circumference of your chest; if it's actually 42 inches then you'll fit fine in the size 42 'slim fit'. If its more like 43-44 but you usually size down to 42 in 'normal fit' stuff, then you might want to get the size 44 in slim fit or it could be too tight. Basically in 90% of cases you should be wearing the size which corresponds to your actual chest size. Edit: The only problem I forsee could be the trousers; sometimes slim fit has a 7-8 inch drop instead of the normal 6 inches, which would give you trousers with a 35" waist instead of 36". You can easily have the trousers let out if necessary though.
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Originally Posted by TheNotoriousVR View Post
I measure 40 around the chest, but a 40 looks like a sack on me from certain brands.

Yeah, that's not because they're the wrong size though, but just because some brands really are cut like sacks. If you size down it will still looks like a sack, just a smaller sack.

You mention the shoulders though, they can certainly be a problem; they can vary wildly among suits of the same size so it would definitely be a good idea to check the shoulder measurement before buying anything online.
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Slim suit I wear a 42.

Regular North American sizing, I can take a 40.

As someone mentioned before, the maker of the suit does play a role whether you need to size up.
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If you peruse the sales section of this website there are some common measurements that are needed to tell if a suit fits properly. The chest is but one. And the outside of the chest laid flat is different from the suit size. It should be larger. The shoulders are something I always need to check on. I wear somewhere b/w a 38R and 40S depending on brand, but no matter what the shoulders have to be between 17.75 and 18, no wider. If they are, it's too wide on me. Arm length is another, but it can be more easily adjusted by an alterations tailor unless the button holes are cut, then there's only so much it can be shortened and lengthening it is out. Take your best fitting suit and measure it, then ask for detailed measurements of the suit you want to buy. If they match, go for it.
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