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You know for someone that claims to have a Bentley Continental GT and a CLS500, the fact that you haven't bought another digital camera is completely telling of how real your "╦ťwatch' is.

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Haha thank you, thank you wery much. The fact that my father have one but hes digital camera isn't sharp, therefore. But as iI said, you will get the discount because no pictures on the stains. I could give you a refund I guess but I'm not sure that is what I want.
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Okey guys, I really want to sell it! I have pictures on it before the stains that I could send through email! I would go for the most offers right now!

Kind regards
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i'll give you 15USD
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Originally Posted by nairb49
i'll give you 15USD

$20 USD!!!!! With shipping included of course!
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$6.00 USD and not a penny more.
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To sell a watch worth thousands of dollars (if real) you must provide pictures... buy cheap digital camera for $100...
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Yeah I know I have just been lacy, I guess I could use my fathers in about two weeks or something, or I could take some pics with my cell phone and then send it to someones cell phone who wants to buy it.
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I'll go kill a birch and mail it with one stamp to a random address. If it reaches you, I'll give you a million for the watch.
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Sure it isn't a Folex Daytona
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I will pay $8000 for the stains. Please remove the watch first. I collect aristocratic stains of all types (also blemishes and discolorations -- but not smudges, definitely no smudges of any kind will be considered, no exceptions!).

Check my site:
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