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How can I fix this?

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I was doing laundry while wearing my denim and I got a few drops of bleach splash on my denim. I can't stand those white dots. Is there a way to dye them?

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Blue and black Sharpie markers?

But, it really doesn't look bad. Some of my jeans have spots and stains on them from various accidents and spills - gives them some character.
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Ask at a good dry cleaner what to do, they usually know!
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you're screwed. pretend that it's on purpose
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Splash some more bleach on it to make it look more intentional.
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i got some hydrochloric acid on my apc's from chemistry class, it actually looks pretty damn cool
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I think it looks good as is, just a touch of character. Kinda like a scar. Chicks dig scars, therefore they dig bleach stains on jeans too.

If you really don't like them, I would go to Walmart and pick up some Rit dye, maybe one blue and one black, mix it up, and apply very carefully with a q-tip or something. I think the dye should fade with the jeans, so you'll just have discolored spots that are in the same general category of color, instead of white spots.
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I vote that it gives your jeans your own unique patina and character.
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Jeans are work pants. They're supposed to get fucked up.
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I think they look good like that.

If it really bothers you, I think Sharpie is the way to go.
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