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Face skin problems - need something to clear it up

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hey all,

my face skin is awful. :/ image below. it's just red and bumpy and bleh. does anyone know how I can fix it? recommendations for supplements, drink more water, or whatever?

i'm just 18 and it's been like this starting last year.

thanks so much

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You need something to calm down irritation and soothe. Maybe try some witch hazel or aloe vera gel at night.
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Wow, very irritated. It might be Rosacea. Go see a dermatologist.
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wash your face with head and shoulder the zinc in it is good for your skin and some say the H&S will help prevent hair loss
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1. Wash your face daily in the shower with Cetaphil. 2. Following your shower, after your face has dried, take some On-The-Spot and put it on your entire face. Rub it in until it dries (don't rub too much or it comes off - rub slowly and gently until it is dry and not visible on the skin). 3. Wait a few minutes (5 or 10) for the On-The-Spot to absorb. Once it is absorbed follow up with a SMALL amount of moisturizer. This is the moisturizer I use because it doesn't contain any oils that muck up your skin, goes on smooth, absorbs quickly and is SPF 15, which will help protect your skin. The Cetaphil cleans all of the dirt and bacteria off of your face. The On-The-Spot will help treat all current pimples/irritation/etc. and form a protective barrier on your face. The moisturizer will also help in protecting your face and will keep your face from getting too oily (if you don't moisturize your skin will dry up and to compensate your body will increase production of oil, so your face will end up being more oily). It might feel weird on your face for an hour or two but it will all fully absorb and won't be noticeable. If this is a problem with acne or something like that then this should clear it up. You should see results in 1-2 weeks if you do this daily. If this is a problem with the skin itself then this might not solve it, and at that point you'd want to go see a dermatologist. Also: 1. Don't touch your face. 2. If you get dirty/sweaty wash your hands and then your face. 3. Drink a lot of water. 4. Don't touch your face!
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thank you all for your help!
will try and report back.
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Most of you won't believe me but since I started using virgin/organic coconut oil to replace the shit oils (canola, cottonseed, vegetable) and started rubbing it all over my body instead of moisturizers and lotion, my skin and body has improved. I get less frequent acne breakouts and my skin is softer for longer periods of time compared to using lotion and getting dry after a while. coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. I'm not here to sell anything, the web has a lot of information on this natural wonder. I even take a tablespoon of it in the morning for an energy booster and kickstarting metabolism. I hope this helps in any way possible. It should help with your problem as it helps with lots of different type of skin issues and damage like wrinkles, liver spots, ecxzema..etc...
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drink lots of water clean and clear cleanser works out for me..before bed and every morning..make sure u remove all the dirt from ur face dont touch ur face or scratch the pimples also consult a dermatologist asap before the condition worsens, dont try experimental face creams or anything of the sort
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Looks like your problems stem from an uneven skin tone rather than acne or anything like that.

If you have access to a dermatologist, ask them about Finacea gel - it's a prescription product that both calms redness in the skin and should be able to fade those brown patches out.

If you don't have access to a dermatologist, you may want to read through this post:

How to get a bright and even skin tone.

And this one if you do have acne:

A complete guide to treating your acne: from 'Minimal' to 'Severe'.

In terms of general advice I agree with the poster above who mentioned using Cetaphil since it's a soothing cleanser that won't aggravate your skin. Sunscreen is also very important since it'll help prevent and fade the uneven patches on your skin - try going for one with a high zinc content because that will help calm down the redness in your skin too. Elta MD, Dermaquest and Fallene Cotz all have zinc-based sunscreens as well as tonnes of other brands.
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