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Unscented Shampoo?

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Does anyone know any great unscented shampoos? I don't like the smell of perfume so unscented is the way for me but lately all the brands I've tried have left my hair strawy so now I come to you!
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mosey on over to and have a look at their webstore and forums.
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Dudes, there is a special section just for stuff like this
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My product recommendations are not unscented but there is a huge difference between using products loaded with perfume and using products with natural aromatherapy. Once I started using natural products (which work well) I couldn't go back to products with synthetic scents. I like Abba and Aveda.
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As Tck13 said there is a huge difference between naturally scented and synthetically perfumed products. I like Aveda stuff but can't afford it. I'm using the Redken men's line right now and really liking it. It has a very pleasant, vaguely masculine aroma. A.
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I'd try Free & Clear shampoo. It's unscented and free of chemical irritants.
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Aveda products, especially the styling products with their strong and lingering scents, give me headaches. It's the last brand that I would recommend to anyone sensitive to scents.
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