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what low price shoes with jeans

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Ive never owned a pair of shoes but Ive been thinking about getting a pair since im tired of sneakers... Was thinking about something like Allen edmonds boat shoes. I only really wear jeans or khacki shorts, and they're the only shoes ive seen people wearing that i liked with that kind of clothing. Im pretty broke at the moment though so I was thinking used or ebay? My feet measure between a 11.5 and 11.75 so i was looking for a 12... What would be my best options?
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Get Sperry boat shoes, the classic ones are like $60.
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Don't buy used boat shoes. I have a few pairs of used shoes, but never boat shoes. They're very very often worn sockless and get very very yucky inside. Buy laceups used, buy boots used, hell, buy sneakers used, but buy new boat shoes. Sperry's are the classic, I have a pair of timberlands that I love. Check Zappos if you're open to odd colors, they clear the out for cheap ($25-$30 cheap) every now and again. If you want to spend a little more Quoddy Trail makes what is supposed to be the best out there. What Sperry was when they got their reputation for being the best many years ago. Quoddys are $100 so probably fall outside the cheap spectrum. http://www.quoddytrail.com/index.html
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+1 Definately buy your boat shoes new and go for the Sperrys or Sebago Docksides. Both are relatively affordable and look good.
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Go to DSW and look at the clearance rack. They always have deck shoes on sale this time of year.
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Dillards and Foley's have them too.
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