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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

Shake for 10 minutes, serve in cocktail glass

That's a lot of work.
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Champs-Élysées クルボアジェVSOPルージュ Courvoisier VSOP rouge: 1/2 シャルトリューズ ヴェール Chartreuse Green: 1/4 1/4 フレッシュレモンジュース Fresh Lemon Juice: 1/4 1/4 アロマティックビダーズ Angosturra Bitters, 1 dash 1ダッシュ Shake and serve in cocktail glass
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post
That's a lot of work.

I believe the directions actually said 'have to your Cabana boy shake cocktail for 10 minutes' but my Japanese isn't that good.
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Yesterday was the Feast Day of Saint Bruno the Confessor, who founded the Carthusian Order.

Fun fact about St. Bruno: he refused to become an archbishop so that he could remain a monk. Defying the Pope in those days took major cojones.
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been enjoying straight Chartreuse and tonics lately, with a little lemon
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I had the yellow VEP Chartreuse in the Hawaiian cocktail last night at Bar Agricole. It was quite lovely.
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Necro posts for great liquors ftw.

I'm a fan of Chartreuse, too. The Last Word is good, probably even a little better than Angus-Beuser Special.
So what exactly is the Chartreuse Elixir? You drink it straight? Quite expensive then, no? Or use it dash-wise? It's made from 130 herbs. How many herbs are used for the standard Chratreuse Verte?

For someone who just had the Chartreuse Verte, how would you describe the Chartreuse VEP and Chartreuse Jaune?
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You really can't substitue one for the other.The flavor profiles are just too different.

Surprised no one mentioned a classic, the Bijou. I just mentioned it in another thread, but I'll add it here, too.

1 oz gin
1 oz chrartreuse
1 oz sweet vermouth
dash orange bitters
cherry and lemon twist for garnish
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