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I can't beat the ones already posted, but my grandmother (rest her soul) was basically bed ridden and would occasionally use her wheelchair with oxygen tank every so often to get out of the house. She loved dolls and plates for some reason. When she passed my parents had to figure out what to do with practically a room full of boxed dolls. I don't know what ended up happening with all that. Anyways, because she loved the Home Shopping Network and these things, us kids would always get them for Christmas. She'd at least get us these doll figurines and plates of baseball players like Lou Gehrig or Babe Ruth and beer steins of the same, so it was at least pertinent to our love of baseball. But every year there would always be some random plate or doll that would maybe be appropriate for a 7 year old girl. Knowing we had no use for these ones, my parents ended up taking them and I assume they are stashed somewhere.
My mom became deeply religious a few years ago. She hasn't had a job since I was born (which I respect my dad for being able to work hard towards his career to allow her to focus on raising us kids), but since we're all grown it now means minimal responsibility and waking up every day without anything to do. She also has zero hobbies to focus on and when I say zero, I mean I can't pinpoint a single hobby she's ever had in her life and spent time focusing on. So being that she has all day to do nothing she spends a good amount of time focusing on other peoples lives and telling them what they should be doing. It's to the point where I can't remember having an actual conversation with her for years now that didn't either start out with or turn into within a few seconds of her telling me what I "need" to be doing with some aspect of my life. Anyways, that's not her or there, but since she has so much free time and became religious, she spends all day either: reading and taking notes on some religious book, listening to Christian music or some past sermon from the preacher at her church, or talking on the phone to someone in her bible study about gossip or what someone else should be doing with their life. So every year me and my brothers get some book from some athlete in which the book has a religious bent. One year it was David Tyree's book. Guy was a no name wide receiver that made a one time great catch in a Super Bowl. Why would I want to read his book? I'm not even a Giants fan. This year my brothers and I all got some daily devotional biblical book. It's not that we don't believe in God, but like we've told her countless times before, we hate being preached to all the time.

Strongly considering a post relating to:

- your mom
- her free time
- deez nuts
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never received a gift that stands out as bad

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- Birdman & Lil Wayne Like Father Like Son
- Razor. WTF??
- J.Crew factory shirt (never wore it)
- Lucky Cologne
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Don't remember what season)

All this from the same person -___-
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A year ago my father, brother, and I were having dinner at a restaurant that featured the works of a lot of up and coming artists. My brother and I were regulars here and were chummy with the owner, and so on this occasion when he visited our table to show off the collection of works he had just bought from an artist, we had no choice but to praise it (despite both of us thinking it horrific).

My dad, a man who really knew nothing about us or art in general witnessed our praise, and had then in secret bought the collection of paintings as gifts to my brother and I to show us he was trying to connect with us more. Obviously at first we told him we loved it and had the works hung in our respective places, but eventually I couldn't take it any longer. I told him I hated the sight of it but appreciated the gesture, whilst my brother remaining vigilant carried on with his farce. My father spiteful, took back the painting and gave it to my brother under the belief he loved the paintings and loved him more than i did.

My brother might be the favourite now, but I have the better apartment, the latter which he cares more about.
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