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Attolini shoulder cut - like Isaia or Brioni

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Realy like the look of Attolini jackets...without driving the 2 hours to NYC to try one on at Bergdorf, is the shoulder shaping more structured like Brioni or natural like an Isaia? My shoulders fit Isaia well, but not Brioni.

Thanks guys!
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More like Isaia/Kiton. Check out the photos on ebay. theworldsfinest usually has some Attolini listed.
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I would say Attolini shoulders are closest to Borrelli. Attolini is my favorite suitmaker. The padding is light but the overall feel is a structured shoulder, rather than the very soft unstructured shoulder often seen with Isaia. Someone has previously posted the Italian terms for shoulders that roll downward like a cardigan (most Isaia) versus shoulders that slope gently upward (like a ski slope or pagoda). Attolini slopes upward. Definitely less structured than Brioni, though.
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I always think of Attolini shoulders as slightly high but very soft.
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Here is Manton's take on the Attolini silhouette: "Attolini: Soft like the true Naples cut, with the famous sleevehead, but much, much leaner. *Almost a mean between Kiton and Brioni. *Super high gorge and waist -- probably the highest there are in RTW." from this thread: Here is some text from a post by A Harris: "As one would expect, Attolini suits are the epitome of Neopolitan style - the armhole is high and there is extra fabric across the shoulders so that the jacket stays in place when you move your arms, the shoulder is padded lightly or not at all, the front canvas is thin and supple, and the overall silhouette is long and lean." A search for attolini+silhouette will give you much more information.
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Good descriptions so far, very accurate. Attolini shoulder are soft, with minimal padding. But they are still very dressy, almost flashy. The "trumpet" shoulder contributes to the look, as does the rather dramatic shape of the rest of the jacket.
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Most of the time, the constuction of the shoulder depends on what type of jacket you are purchasing. For suits, Attolini tends to use the more structured look shoulder...and for sport jackets they tend to use the relaxed shirt shoulder.

Attolini is very close in style to Borrelli, Isaia, Kiton (closest to Borrelli out of these 3)...not close to Brioni at all.

I am not sure why Brioni shoulders do not fit on you...but if you like Isaia jackets, I think you will like Attolini...although Attolini has a more classic look in comparison to Isaia which is a more modern expression.
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