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Blogs n Podcasts n things

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this post over in my wtb ipod thread got me thinking:
Originally Posted by CoryB
I've found lots of great ones. I'll break them down my category. I've put comments in paraenthsies. To find any of these podcasts simply put the name into the iTunes podcast directory. I like all of these, but I've italicized those which are really great, usually because they are short and teach a lot/make you think (also they carry the added benefit of providing interest tidbits for conversations). This isn't even close to my entire podcast directory . Every night I go to bed with a podcast playing in my ear; usually I get to listen to 30mins below falling asleep which allows me to listen to a large amount per week. History Matt's Today in History (best history podcast available, only about 7 minutes and always interesting) Military History Podcast (Often on ancient battles, but still interesting) History According to Bob (Audio versions of lectures so can be dry, but informative) Current Events/News A World of Possibilities (1hr long features on topics relating to the current world) Correspodent's Report (BBC - Reports from foreign correspodents around the world) Documentary Archieve (BBC - Documentaries about a variety of subjects) From Our Own Correspodent's (ABC - Same as BBC's Correspodent's Report) Needs No Introduction (Recordings of live speakers, quality very much dependent on the speaker) Perspectives (ABC - Daily 5min essays on a huge variety of topics) Slate's Explainer Podcast (Slate - Explaining a topic related to the news) Science All in the Mind (ABC - About the human brain and pschology) Quirks and Quarks (CBC - Science show on a variety of subjects) Other GQ Audio Podcast (About GQ and its articles, a good way to learn about the fashions and sports that I otherwise wouldn't) NPR: This I Believe (NPR - Personal stories of belief) NPR: Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me (NPR - Good break from learning, comedy show about the week's news) To find other good podcasts look up the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp.), BBC, CBC, and NPR. Each network has lots of shows and being that they are professionally produced the quality is much higher than others.
Personally I dont do the podcast thing much, but blogwise I keep an eye on both Mahon and Beaman (quiet of late), Randy from Boeing's blog, and Noodlepie by an expat about to leave Vietnam who writes on local street food. Which ones do you guys subscribe to?
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Free Talk Live - Brilliant Libertarian politics show.
Todd Park Mohr's Philosophy Podcast - a stunning introduction to philosophy, highly reccomended.
Military History Podcast - As above.
GQ Audio Podcast - As above.
University Channel Podcast - Lots of lectures that are given in Universities, very good, can be quite long.

Lifehacker, 43 Folders,, I Will Teach You To Be Rich.
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A blog from an Iraqi girl's perspective that I sometimes read, although not often because it's so damn depressing. Baghdad Burning
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-I Will Teach You to be Rich
-43 Folders
-Seth Godin (as someone who loves marketing, I love Godin)
-Ben Gasnocha: The Blog (19yr old from San Fran who started a company at 14 or 15, interesting fellow)
-HBS Working Knowledge

and of course...The Satorialist

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yeah i like I Will Teach You to be Rich as well, J introed it to me a while back and keep an eye on it. A lot of common sense type stuff.
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Originally Posted by chrysalid
wow thats gross. bookmarked
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Originally Posted by chrysalid

that's awesome. not only does he kill, he also eats!

***edit: MAKE magazine's blog -
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Originally Posted by chrysalid

Dayumn...that pussy ain't no pussy.
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i also enjoyed this, linked from the other site -

the best thing i have seen in fucking ages. anyway, all this stems from the newsletter on - newsletter link on right of page, all good. **generally safe but maybe some content not suitable for work**
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